From within her gold-gilt cage, the angel plays upon her harp songs to soothe the soul.

NSW, Australia

The Angel

Award-winning poet Ivy Ireland performs as The Caged Angel to add a unique element of visual splendour to her harpisty.

The Music

Ivy sings and plays upon her harp from a diverse range of music, selecting songs to suit the occasion from a repertoire inlcuding classical scores, Celtic ballads, bardic harp poetry, orignal arrangfements and covers including rock, pop and 80's "hair metal".

Her impressive harp is a modern hybrid of both classical and celtic styles; a blend evidenced in her unique musical style.  

The Performance

The "Caged Angel" blends beautiful on-stage imagery with hauntingly beautiful music. The act is versatile, able to be performed as as a featured musical performance or as a bite-sized "cabaret" act, occasionally accompanied by visual imagery including shadow puppetry and digital projections.  

The Caged Angel can also become unique "musical site decor", adding visual splendour while entertaining the guests with splendid ambient background music during functions. 

Career Highlights

The Caged Angel is Ivy's latest act in a long career of entertaining through poetry, music, dance and drama.

Some selected highlights of this career include:

  • Poets Paint Words (commissioned by the Sydney Writer's Festival)
  • National Burlesque Festival (Canberra)
  • Bohemian Love Theatre, 2007 - 2008 (touring Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne)
  • Peat's Ridge Music Festival, 2007
  • Pidgeon Poetry (national poetry event) well as countless events including weddings, corporate functions, etc.

Ivy Ireland is the winner of the 2007 Australian Young Poets Fellowship Award and her poetry has been published in a number of litterary magazines. She is also the author of Incidental Complications - a book of original poetry inspired by cosmology, mysticism and quantum mechanics.

Aside from performing as The Caged Angel, Ivy may also be seen working as the "lovely assistant" to sideshow magician Dangerboy, whose work you may also find here at EntertainOz. 

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