Harp for your special occasion, weddings, birthdays, funerals, exhibitions, private and corporate events

South Coast NSW, NSW, Australia

As a professional musician working in the industry for 30 years Moira has invaluable experience to give your next occasion exactly what it needs! Adaptable to any venue and situation inside or out, be it your wedding ceremony from high church mass to an intimate garden ceremony or perhaps under a waterfall or on the beach.

Your special occasion is my speciality on the South Coast of NSW for a private or corporate event. An amplifier is supplied if necessary, to lift the sound of the harp over a larger venue. The music of the harp has always been regarded by many as the finest sound of all instruments. Moira's music transcends the normal expectations of the harp and evokes an atmosphere of romance and sophistication.

Moira has a large Irish Harp and plays a wide variety of music styles including Celtic, Classical, Popular and Jazz, that she has adapted and arranged for the harp to delight a range of listeners and to suit any occasion. Moira has performed as a soloist and as a group member and teacher at a wide range of events and festivals and venues throughout Australia and overseas. 

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