Indepedent Dark-Electro music from Sydney, Australia.

Newtown, Sydney, NSW, Australia


The Australian band Empty began in 2005 as a studio project by Sydney based musicians Aaron Potter and Daniel Brunet. The debut EP in 2006 carved an emotive and complex trail into the Electro-Industrial genre by combining pulsing electronics overlaid with vast, sweeping soundscapes. 2008 brought the release of a remix EP and single which highlighted elements of Glitch and marked the beginning of a new era for the band. The long awaited debut album "Surfacing" in 2010 integrates organic emotion with raw elements of desperation and melodic electronics.


  Never Get To You (Single)
Nov 24, 2008
7 track, 37:23 total time
  Aeon Xpand (EP)
Feb 29, 2008
8 tracks, 46:35 total time
  Open Aeon (EP)
May 8, 2006
8 tracks, 36:00 total time
  Abandon All Hope (demo)
April 18, 2005
4 tracks, 17:09 total time

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