A lively, professional and entertaining young group of 2-9 jazz enthusiasts. Perfect for any wedding, part or function.

Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Dangerous Mix is a sure hit at any venue with their wide range of musical styles ranging from soulful ballads to toe tapping swing and hard funk.

The bands natural musicianship and professionalism really comes through when it’s most important, on the stage, which is clearly where they love to be. Dangerous Mix is a fun group of young university and conservatorium students who love to play good music.

The group has been together for four years and has played at weddings, birthdays, engagement parties and corporate functions. The instrumental line-up is flexible and can accommodate almost any function: 7 piece: This is the fullest standard combination. with this combo the band features piano, bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, male and female voice.

For large events a trumpet and trombone player can be added to this group, with this line-up a big band sound is achieved. 6 piece: This combination gives the same fullness of the 7 piece, but with only one vocalist, of you choice, male or female. 5 piece: This combination achieves a much more intimate, jazz quintet sound, this line-up includes bass, drums, sax, vocal (of your choice) and either piano or guitar, which is again of your choice. 4 piece:

This instrumental combination features our saxophone player with piano, bass and drums. 3 piece: This instrumental combination has only piano, drums and saxophone. Perfect for small function where room is an issue 2 piece: Piano and saxophone, perhaps the most romantic and intimate combination. Perfect for light mood music.

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