An authentic Latin trio centred around the evocative bandoneon. South American and many other songs

Canberra ACT, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Los Amigos del Tango are great friends not only of the tango, but all sorts of Latin dance and folk music. If you prefer the milonga, a bolero or perhaps a lambada, a waltz or even a folk song from the cattle ranches of the plains, we have it for you. Three experienced musicians who enjoy it when you enjoy good Latin music.

Juan, a well-known figure around Canberra dance halls, clubs and Latino communities, learned the bandoneon as a teenager in Argentina. There he absorbed the street culture and European influences as well as popular songs and the new wave of modern tango. He is an experienced and accomplished exponent of the acordeon-like bandoneon, and is thus sought after by tango classes for the authentic atmospherics and tunes.

We normally form a duo with the piano, sometimes with tuneful flute or bass, played by Brendan O'Loghlin, a well-travelled Aussie who also sings early classical music and jazz in other groups - see 'Equinox' Canberra jazz quartet in EntertainOz's artists, and  We occasionally provide a trio by adding a guitarist.

Los Amigos del Tango have played at many multi-cultural and celebratory parties and public events in and around Canberra. They have appeared several years running at the Floriade festival in October, and have added a true touch of South America at embassies, private parties, weddings and dance classes.  We have played at the Lamberts and Yarrh Wineries in Canberra's dry country wine hinterland.

Listen on YouTube to Fumando Espero:

Some of our tunes, like La Cumparsita, Besame Mucho, and The Godfather, will be well-known to many audiences. Others, like El Lloron and Cuando Sali di Cuba, will still catch your ear with their melody and swing. This is an unique sound, to the delight of those who know this genre, and to the enjoyment of all who like good music.

Los Amigos del Tango - Selected Repertoire List

  • A Media Luz
  • Alfonsina
  • Alma Llanera
  • Amorado
  • April in Portugal
  • Belle Morena
  • Cuando Sali de Cuba
  • Caminito
  • Caino Verde
  • Cicatrice
  • Derecho Viejo
  • Desde de Alma
  • Don Juan
  • Dos Almas
  • El Choclo
  • El Lloron
  • Ensuena
  • Fumando Espero
  • Guantanamera
  • Jueves
  • La Bamba
  • La Flor de Canelas
  • La Ultima Noce
  • Llevatelo Todo
  • Luna Lunera
  • Madre Selva
  • Maliendo Café
  • Melodias de Arrabal
  • Milonga Sentimentale
  • Norma
  • Nueves de Julio
  • Perfidia
  • Quisas Quisas
  • Rhondo de Ensuena

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