Melbourne based 12 piece latin band. Playing Salsa, Merengue and cumbia with little surprises here and there. The ultimate latin experience for any function.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Son De La Calle is a twelve piece latin band. Formed in early 2009, By Pianist vocalist Jorge Duran. Son De La Calle provides its audience with a high energy, dynamic and engaging show. Playing the best of what latin music has to offer, Son De La Calle has a varied repertoire ranging from the fast paced Merengue rhythm to the sensual sounds of cumbia and the ever popular Salsa. With a focus on making a connection with it's audience, Son De La Calle Has the right mix of energy and musical ability to keep any venue’s dancefloor full for the whole night.

Featuring musicians from Colombia, El Salvador, Chile and Australia, Son De La Calle has a great blend of cultural backgrounds influencing its unique sound. Son De La calle features 12 of Melbourne’s finest latin musicians. Lining Up on Vocals are Carlos Romero, One of Melbourne’s most talented and experienced performers. Next we have Eddie Estrada, a relative new comer to the scene but someone with a great voice and all the elements required to perform and keep up with the best of them in this genre. Finally on vocals we have the bands musical director Jorge Duran, who also doubles as the band’s piano player. On bass we have Elvis Negron, another experienced and well known musician amongst latin circles. Lining up on percussion we have Maurice Chapparro who also provides backing vocals. A true veteran of the latin music scene in Melbourne, who has over 20 years experience. Next we have Moises Carballo one great talent who has to be seen to be believed and who has many years experience under his belt. We then have Michael Carballo, who apart from playing percussion, provides backing vocals and then lets rip with a his talent and skill as a rapper. Last but not least on percussion, we have Jayson Estrada, A young talent who at the tender age of 14 is already keeping up with the best of them. A great percussionist with a very bright future. Son De La Calle also features a 4 piece horn section comprising of one trumpet, one trombone, alto saxophone and tenor saxophone, which more than caters for a powerful and energetic show.

This great and varied line up is what allows Son De La Calle to provide it’s audience with a variety of rhythms throughout their performance. The main aim of Son De La Calle in it’s performance is to think outside the square, because let’s face it the people want a show, they want to be entertained. Son De La Calle focuses on getting people on the dancefloor and not letting them sit down for the duration of their performance.

We invite you to have a look at what this great band has to offer. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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