brutal death metal band bonesaw from Brisbane...

Brisbane, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

The Bonesaw project came in 2005, when schoolmates Brad and Jimmy teamed up with local friend James (Lynchie) on bass and musical acquaintance Jason (Twinky) on drums. The band played their inaugural show at The Basement on March 22nd 2006 & there 3rd show in was the first ever Brutal Fest, where they blew the crowd away with their powerful and intense sound, cementing themselves as a band to watch in the Brisbane death metal scene. 2006 also saw the band independently record and release their debut self-titled EP, which was met with great enthusiasm amongst the rapidly-growing Bonesaw fan base. Later that year, Lynchie parted ways with the band and, after much searching, was replaced with Twinky’s brother, Si (SI SAW), on bass guitar.

Soon after the new lineup was cemented, Bonesaw took to the stage at the first ever Metal of Honor music festival, held at Club 299 in January 2007. The show was so successful that the band was asked to return to subsequent Metal of Honor festivals held in June 2007 and April 2008, where they continued to draw bigger and bigger crowds. Another notable performance was the Underground Sounds festival held at Club Metro in December 2007, where Bonesaw was filmed for the Bris31 program ‘Underground Sounds’. In May 2008, Bonesaw embarked on their first-ever tour, the ‘North Queensland Invasion’, with friends Born from the Ashes and A Touch of Fear, wowing crowds in Cairns and Townsville and adding followers to their solid and loyal fan base wherever they went.

The band was also featured in the TOWNSVILLE TIMES newspaper, in which their show at Bombay Rock received rave reviews. Bonesaw released a seven-song, professionally-mixed live DVD in 2007, and has recently recorded another independent release entitled Graveyard Lovin’, which the band plans to launch in a show featuring State of Integrity and SOME OTHER BANDS at The Step Inn in July 2008. Later in the year, Bonesaw plans to tour the east coast of Australia. Bla bla bla conclusion…

Bonesaw has played with:

  • Psycroptic,
  • Fuck I'm Dead,
  • Empyrean,
  • Astriaal,
  • The Day Everything Became Nothing,
  • Blood Duster,
  • Excruciate,
  • Interncine Excoriation,
  • The Dead,El Dest Gusto,
  • Born From the Ashes,
  • A Touch of Fear,
  • Hitpoint,
  • Newborn Entity,
  • State of Integrity,
  • Insanity Reality,
  • Crisis Therapy,
  • Killosophy,
  • Castle Bravo,
  • Devale,
  • Deprave,
  • People Die,
  • Prophecy of Kaos,
  • Remorseless,
  • Canniblast,
  • Echoed Silence,
  • Dead Letter Opener,
  • Inane Eminence,
  • Apex Null,
  • Happy Camper,
  • The Cunt Offensive,
  • Amartyr,
  • Metallurgy,
  • Function Cease,
  • The Sever Project,
  • One Day Dead,
  • Eyeless Youth,
  • Neomerta,
  • Plague Of Man,
  • Aggrevated,
  • Headkase,
  • Despotic,
  • One Day Dead,
  • Pussy Wiped Satan,
  • Re-Invention,
  • A Collision Of Conflict,
  • Nali Secundus,
  • Shiftlock…
  • & any other band cheers for tearing up the stage with us.

Current line up: Brad ‘B-Bone’ Jeffrey on vocals Jimmy ‘Jim Saw’ Robertson on guitars Si ‘SI SAW’ Wencel on bass Jason ‘Twinky’ Dunn on drums Discography: 2006 four-song demo release, 'Bonesaw' 2007 seven-song, professionally-mixed live DVD 2008 eight-song release, ‘Graveyard Lovin’’

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