DemiGod are a four piece Power outfit whose explosive stage presence and intense aggression helps drive their diverse repertoire of original material.

Wollongong, NSW, Australia
DemiGod formed out of the frustration of the current music scene by musicians who were drawn together by a common goal to create music that would embrace both diversity and power.

In creating their music they have mixed a hybrid fusion of power, energy, groove and emotion along with in your face lyrics that provoke thought.

DemiGod have aimed to create a universally accepted power unit.

DEMIGOD is a four piece band made up of Dean Jones (vocals), Steve Giles (drums), Grant Evans (Bass), and Damon Bishop (guitar).

'I'd known Damon through the local scene for a while, our first drummer bailed out before a note was struck but with the help of a fill-in we began. Our first jam was at a local rehearsal studio, this was my introduction to Grant: a 6ft 3 tower of enthusiasm. That night we left with a few good ideas on tape and left a heap of empty beers behind. Soon after I got a call from Grant saying 'we've got a drummer and he's fucking good' Steve Giles was the last on board, he may have been quiet at first but he made a hell of a noise with his kit' (Dean Jones)

The songs 'Ghosts' and ' Demigod' were among the first songs the band composed it didn't take long to have a large enough repertoire to start performing gigs. Their first gig was played at the 'North Gong Hotel' in Wollongong NSW, in front of enthusiastic friends and family.

'We made a pact - 'full on or fuck all', this became our motto' (Dean Jones)

Drawing from a vast array of influences DEMIGOD set out to create music that would embrace both power and diversity. In creating their music they mixed a hybrid fusion of power, energy, groove and emotion along with in your face lyrics that provoke thought. 'Our aim is to create a universally acceptable power unit.' (Dean Jones)

Your lies are all bitter pills, the aftertaste is sickening me'
- Reason To Kill

DEMIGOD began recording their current CD 'Bloodshot Messiah' in January 1997 and finished recording in July 1998. The album was recorded and mixed at Shed Studios in Lake Illawarra by Lou Cavaliere and Mark Borg. DEMIGOD'S drummer Steve said the band 'never want to spend that long in the studio again - we will organise ourselves much better next time! ' 'What started out as a couple of demos became our debut CD. I don't think any of us knew what we were getting into but in the end it was all worth it' (Dean Jones)

DEMIGOD is very proud of their achievement. After inquiring about various distribution deals the band opted to distribute the album themselves, which was no easy task. ' We are happy with the way we've handled the distribution and sales reflect our effort' (Steve Giles). The album has been selling steadily in record stores throughout Australia since its release.

'Bloodshot Messiah rips into action right from the first track - the title track 'Demigod' is an absolute ball-tearer' (Live to Ride, issue 130, 1999)

A gig in a pizza restaurant?

The release of the album saw the band play at many new venues and shows, including Waves Nightclub Wollongong, and Zorro's in Canberra. 'We love playing in Zorro's - its a pizza restaurant and bar, it has a totally different vibe to any of our other gigs' (Steve Giles)

As well as Zorro's the band has played annually at the Fourth Reich bike show for the last three years. Damon's late brother was a life member of the motorcycle club and DEMIGOD is very proud to be regular performers at the show.

'Our explosive stage presence and intense aggression is the fuel that drives this four piece power outfit. Live, a Mr Hyde persona possesses the band, this is where we are at our best' (Dean Jones).


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