Yalla is a traditional and upbeat Middle-Eastern Music and Dance group

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

   Y A L L A !

      Upbeat Middle Eastern Music And Dance


"You'd have to travel thousands of kilometres, endure sizzling

temperatures and ride a camel to hear music as authentic as that of Yalla!"

Sarah Hudson   The Herald Sun, Melbourne

"Upbeat middle-eastern dance music...from an unlikely location."

Lucky Oceans ,The Planet, Radio National

"An ensemble that is vibrant, colourful and able to sustain a high energy level throughout its entire performance"

THE NEWS Gippsland



An exciting six piece band from Melbourne, Yalla brings the traditional music and dance of the Middle East to life with their own East meets West flavour. A spicy mix of quarter tone accordian, oud, ney, percussion, violin and mesmerising dance. With Phil Carroll on the quartertone accordion, mizmar (arabic oboe) , ney (arabic flute)  and vocals. Maria Sangiorgi dancer, percussion and vocals and  Phil Gunter on oud (lute), Andrew Kuhlmann on percussion  (tabul,darrabukas,reqs,dufs etc.),

 Yalla! performs on the concert stage and as an acoustic roving show weaving through the crowd.


Yalla!  feature the Egyptian styles of Shaabi (folk), Baladi (urban folk) and Sharqi (classical) as well as music of Persia, Turkey, North Africa ,Tribal and Trance.

Performances have included: Port Fairy Folk Fest, The National Folk Fest ACT, The  Melbourne Int. Fest, Fairbridge Fest WA, The Spiegeltent, Cygnet Festival TAS, Folk Alliance Conference SA, Victorian regional touring and many festivals and dance clubs.     



  • Ala Dalaouna
  • Araber Tantz
  • Ayazein
  • Aziza
  • Beledy Accordion/ Saiidi Accordion
  • Bitwanis Bik
  • Blessings
  • Bunderi /Ishlonak
  • Dabka 1 and 2
  • El Zaffa 1&2
  • Ghawazee 
  • Ilahi’s 5 makams
  • Insallah
  • KeCheChe (7)
  • Leilet Hop
  • Longa Nihavend2/Kudlihicazkar
  • Longa Nihavend/Longa Sheynaz
  • Mastika
  • Miserlou
  • Mustafa
  • Mwasha
  • Ney Sakat
  • Rampi/Turk Pot Pourri
  • Return (Nafas):
  • Saiidi Accordion
  • Salamat
  • Salamat Hassan
  • Salamat El Eniya (Khan el Khallegi) BALADY
  • Sidi Habibi (Moroccan)
  • Tammer Henna
  • Tfarrak Al Helwa
  • Uskudara
  • Wahda wa Noos(Luxor Saiidi)
  • WahWah(Khaleegi)/Aranjuez 
  • Ya Gamal
  • Yuksek Yuksek  (MEY)
  • Zaar  Derwish pieces(Ilahi):Ussak
  • Zikr La llahe Il Allah
  • Zeina 


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