Sforzando is a six piece Melbourne based Pirate band.
Singing songs of the sea, and all those wild times the Pirates once had.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Sforzando means to play with force.

And that they do.

With folk instruments, and a lot of energy, Sforzando can fire up any crowd, with original music that has been written over the last 6 or so years.

This bloke sings in the band, when he's not on stage with sforzando, he's riding the southern ocean as a pirate, living off vegetables and roll mops. Dave O'Reilly
Guitar, Mandolin, vocals

Karen O'Reilly

Karen has been with Sforzando about five years now. If you haven't realized by the pic next to this, she plays bass. Living in and around Melbourne she spends most of her time building and fixing ships. Quite appropriate for any sforzandette, don't you think? From ballet teacher to Boiler maker. Karen has traveled a long way to get where she is today.

Scott Jansen
Plays Violin with Sforzando, among other things. Also renound for building his own violins and Pirate Painter. Scott is a true artist. All that is created, will be observed by him. Violin, song writing, sculpture, painting and building fill his life all the time. Take time to look at some of his artwork.

Raju Sharma
He's the Pirate King. visit the Gully, and see Raju's Recipe page!

Paul Tierney
Drummer Extrodinair, Paul puts his all in to a performance. Three drummers in, he has taken the job head on, lots of groovy sounds, and full of pounding beats. We can't ask for more than that! Acustician during the day, sound proofing venues to cope with drum levels, he really knows his shit. One of the only drummers in the world to have a physics degree!

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