Taxiride started its life in Melbourne during 1996.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
"Our past is only a stone's throw away, so for us this wasn't so much about looking back," says Jason Singh. "It was more of a chance to showcase what we can sound like when you take all the glitter off, the way it was for us in the beginning. It was a great opportunity to put our music where our mouth is."

For all the varied approaches taken by Liberation Blue artists, it's fair to say that Taxiride chose the most challenging way of recording. . Electrophobia was laid down in a single performance, in a bluestone church in Melbourne on May 26, 2006, in front of a hundred fans.
The extraordinary warmth and precision of the performance, enhanced by a live string quartet on eight songs, is testament to a world class band in every sense of the term: exceptional songwriters, committed and passionate musicians with a rare chemistry that exists independent of studio gloss.
"It doesn't even feel like we made a record," says Tim Wild. "It was the least stressful recording date we’ve ever had. It was just down to rehearsing and making sure we put in a good performance on the night."
Adding to the album's thrilling sense of history in motion is the live return of original member Dan Hall, who co-wrote two brand new tunes, Everything's Changed and Beyond A Day, as well as rebuilding Taxiride's distinctive wall of vocal harmonies to stunning new heights.
Then there are the strings, arranged by Led Zeppelin/ Tea Party associate Rob John, which lend a distinctly eastern weight and grace to new tunes and Top 10 hits alike. Get Set is reborn, Oh Yeah is transformed rhythmically and harmonically, This Time explodes into the classic it was always meant to be.
"Working with Rob was terrific cause he put an angle on it, he helped us swing the songs in an eastern direction," says Tim. "We had that idea from the outset but it was nice to reintroduce that cross-cultural angle, especially the Indian traditional vibe we want to get involved with."
Bassist Tomy Kende, drummer Sean McLeod, lap steel guitarist Dale Winters and the Hammond organ of producer David Carr complete a rich acoustic sound that emphasises the classic pop sensibility of the songwriters' craft.
"That first rehearsal back we were like, 'Has any time elapsed between 2000 and now?'," says Jason. "A lot's happened but it felt totally fresh again. We’ve gone back to finding out what made us special in the first place, and that's the ability to play and sing together like nobody else."
"It feels like a punctuation point for us," adds Tim. "It's good to sum up what you've been doing for the last almost 10 years. It actually helps you to look forward, maybe angle the music we do in the future a little bit differently, cause you learn something from every experience."
1997  start writing songs in a lounge room in Camberwell. Melbourne and by 1998 they moved to Secret Sound studio's a suburb away, to demo the songs for their first album, after signing a joint deal between Warner Music Australia and Sire Records in the U.S they relocated to Ocean Way studio's in L.A. to work with producer Jack Joseph Puig.

The debut album Imaginate hit the no 1 spot on the Australian charts and went double platinum spawning the top 10 hits "Get Set" and "Everywhere You Go"', along the way snaring a Best New Artist ARIA award. To support the global release of their debut album, the band toured Australia, America, Japan and Europe through 1999 and 2000.

2001  start penning songs in Melbourne and then a four month move again to Los Angles to work with producer Fred Maher and record at Conway Studios in Hollywood.
July 2002 Taxiride released their second album Garage Mahal. The album delivered the band a consecutive top 5 album and a consecutive platinum plus seller. Garage Mahal featured the top 5 hit single and number 1 radio song of 2002, "Creepin' Up Slowly". As with Imaginate, Garage Mahal was released globally and supported by the band undertaking a hectic promotion and touring schedule through Europe and Japan.
2004The members of Taxiride wrote and recorded their third album Axiomatic at their home studio in Melbourne whilst undertaking a series of live shows across Australia.
September 2005 saw the release of 's third album AXIOMATIC to rave reviews. The album features the hit singles “Oh Yeah” (the 7th top 40 hit single), “You Gotta Help Me” and “What Can I Say”. Axiomatic was released in Japan, India and South East Asia.
September 16 2006 Release of new album Electrophobia

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