Alone Marimba is the beautiful sound of the solo marimba played by one of Australia's leading marimbists Jeremy Barnett

Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

The marimba is one of the oldest instruments in the world. Wooden bars struck with mallets to create a beautiful resonance , the marimba is at home in any musical setting. Repertoire includes beautiful classical pieces by composers such as Bach and Debussy as well as more contemporary classics of the modern repertoire.

The marimba can easily take the place of a string quartet or cocktail pianist to provide elegant background music, with all music careful chosen to suit the mood of your ocassion. The marimba is a stunning aural and visual feast. The instrument itself is quite simply a work of art and combined with the amazingly rich and resonant tone it produces, Alone Marimba in performance is a rare treat to behold.

About Jeremy Barnett; Jeremy has won numerous awards for his playing and has presented concerts and broadcasts for the New Music Network, Musica Viva Australia, ABC Classic FM, and others. He was a founding member and marimbist for well known Sydney independent band PROP, and is currently marimbist and percussionist for Sydney’s only Frank Zappa cover band, Petulant Frenzy. As a percussionist he regularly performs with the Sydney Symphony and the Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra.

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