Tetrafide Percussion is one of Australia's hottest percussion groups. Watch as they continue on their foot-tapping, stick-stomping way to world percussion domination.

Fremantle, Perth, WA, Australia

Tetrafide Percussion is one of Western Australia’s most important musical groups. Formed in 1996, their 12 years of operation has seen them create a reputation for excellence that has been demonstrated both throughout Australia and on the world stage. Highlights in the group’s history include headline performances at the Rhythmsticks Festival (London), The Cork Midsummer Festival (Ireland), The Harrogate International Arts Festival (UK), The World Expo (Nagoya, Japan), The National Folk Festival (Canberra) and the Perth International Arts Festival. They have also toured the UK and Ireland (twice), the Philippines (as guests of the Australian Embassy), Singapore (Musica Viva in Schools), as well as extensive touring throughout Australia that has included concerts in every state and territory.

Tetrafide has developed a body of Western Australian work through this time as well, with commissions from composers such as David Pye, Iain Grandage, Paul Tanner and Michael Pigneguy, works by upcoming composers such as Stuart James and Julian Poole-Johnson, and an extensive list of works written by members of the ensemble such as Steven Richter, Iain Robbie, Neville Talbot, Joshua Hogan, Marcus Perrozzi, Genevieve Wilkins and Louise Conroy. Tetrafide have been Artists in Residence at the WA Academy of Performing Arts from 2006-2008, and have worked with students and staff at this world class institution throughout this period. A major project during this time was the Blur dance project, where the group worked with Link Dance Company (WAAPA Honours Dance Students) and choreographer Olivia Millard. This project looked at the blurred distinctions of both dancer and percussionist and involved extensive skills development for the percussionists in contemporary dance and the dancers in percussion performance, and the development of 6 new works for dance and percussion. This project spawned musical material which has since shifted into the core repertoire of the group.

Tetrafide has released two successful albums (Tetrafide Percussion and Tetralive), both with extensive Australian composition content, and with sales in the vicinity of 2500 units. They have complemented this with the recent release of their live DVD of their theatre production ‘Stick It’, which they are currently preparing to negotiate for broadcasting on pay television in Asia. They also deliver workshops and concerts for the corporate, education and government sectors. Tetrafide compliment this extensive performance and artistic schedule with its work with young people. They perform extensively with the Musica Viva in Schools program, playing for thousands of young people each year to high acclaim from both students and staff. They also run a successful percussion program for elite high school percussionists throughout the state called the ‘Advanced Performance Program’. All of the above make Tetrafide Percussion one of the busiest and most important musical institutions in Western Australia, if not the country.

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