My name is Jeremy and I am Melbourne born & bred. I am a professional pianist/keyboardist, back-up vocalist, composer and Piano teacher.
I have a repertoire list of over 660 songs to play at any given time!

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

**(Currently on Cruise-ship contract from Sep 2012 - March 2013 so unavailable for work till end of contract)** 

My name is Jeremy but I go by Jam (or "Jamsta"). I am Melbourne born and bred and love music with a passion! I am a song-writer, composer, instrumentalist and love writing vocal acapella pieces.

As a career, I'm a professional pianist/keyboardist, accompanist, back-up vocalist, composer and Music & Piano teacher.

I have played with all types of bands on different of instruments including:

  • Concert bands (Piano, Clarinet, Violin & Percussion)
  • Stage bands (Piano)
  • 2,3,4-piece cocktail jazz/swing ensembles (Piano, Clarinet & Vocal)
  • Gospel Worship Bands (Keys, Vocals & Drums)
  • Symphony orchestra (Clarinet & Violin)
  • Heavy metal band (Drums)
  • Woodwind ensemble  (Clarinet)
  • String orchestras (Violin)
  • Rock band (Keys, Drums, Vocals & Guitar)
  • Chamber ensemble (Piano, Clarinet & Violin)
  • Choirs (Piano & Vocals)
  • Stripped back acoustic (Piano & Guitar)


I am looking into taking my music profession onto a full-time level with the aim of performing internationally, in particular, the cruise-ship and/or hotel industries. 

A few things about my skills & abilities as a musician:

  • Classically trained in piano for 10 years
  • Strong sight reading skills
  • Ability to improvise in most styles (jazz, blues, funk, pop, easy-listening, gospel etc.)
  • Play and transpose any song by ear
  • Ability to memorise songs that I play (I have currently a repertoire of 650+ songs in my memory bank; which I can play at any given time)
  • Ability to sing and play at the same time; most prefer to sing harmonies & back-up.



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