We are Detectable Mang, we are an original funk metal band from Toowoomba, QLD.

Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Influenced by Primus, Mr bungle, Ween, Tom Green, Aussie Films, South Park and Bundaberg Rum; Detectable Mang was born in June 2001, Toowoomba Qld, when high school friends Dan Kelly (bass / vocals) and Chris Nunn (drums / vocals) re-united after the break up of their teen pop project ‘Narcosis’ and soft core band ‘Aceland’. Taking to instruments they had never played before, the two ol’ chums started work on a series of organized jams that quickly became the back bone to all of Detectable Mangs’ songs.

            Plagued by the lack of a dedicated guitarist and drug addicts hocking in their equipment, Dan and Chris decided to go it alone as a two piece. Playing at friend’s parties and a few jam sessions at the local, the pressure was on to record a demo. So a year later the two hombres locked themselves away on diet of rum and a four track tape player to emerge with ‘Prod Me Piss Hoe’, the first Detectable Mang demo, featuring nine songs of just drum and bass (not techno by the way) with samples from the Godfather to Tom Green. It also featured an ode to their home town ‘Come Undone Near Toowoomba’ and a train recorded at Spring Bluff Railway Station.

            Available on cassette and as lo-fi as it was, ‘Prod Me Piss Hoe’ was given to friends and family whom bootlegged it and sold it on the black market. It was by these means that it eventually landed in the hands of a young bass-player by the name of Corz. Already friends with both Chris and Dan through a high school adult contemporary band called ‘Turtle Neck Coffee Drinker’, Corz (guitar / vocals) was  playing in a hard rock band ‘Jack Stack’ (whom had a reputation as one of Toowoomba’s best cover bands), when he received a phone call from Chris asking to come over and play guitar. He did and after one jam session they all clicked, Corz was in.

            Corz added to the songs a much needed fresh feel and with lyrics complete on all songs, the three amigos set out, ready to play to any crowd. With gigs at the Gabba (Brisbane) and the National Hotel (Toowoomba) including supports for Pre-Shrunk and the Testeagles plus headlining their own shows, it was in an interview with a local street mag ‘Bizzo’ that prompted the boys to go back and re-record the original demo with Corz this time on guitar.

            Recorded over two days and 12 tracks the supped up version took on a life of its own and thus ‘Pull My Finger’ was born. Sticking to the original track listing of the first demo, ‘Pull My Finger’ (available on cassette also) saw the use of drum machines, over dubs, vocal effects and all sorts mayhem to produce something any mum would be proud of.

            Currently Detectable Mang are focused on live shows and trying to get to as many venues as possible. An e.p. is scheduled for spring 2003 featuring 5 songs and a possible radio appearance on the local Uni F.M. has them pretty excited. Also available is a c.d. of one their shows at the National.

Available anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

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