Formed in November of 1998, Porcelain combined the talents of four young females, striving to bring something more to Melbourne's burgeoning music scene.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
It all began with bassist Melissa Lock (ex-Kasha) and guitarist Nathalie Gellé, who now sings for Slaughterhouse 69. After jamming for a while, they bullied High School buddy, Jess Cogger (quite renowned for her shower singing) into taking on vocal duties. They then caught drummer, Alex Kastaniotis on the rebound from Sheraw, and in January 1999, enlisted the help of guitar goddess, Sarah Blaby, whose resumé also included Sheraw, Hecate, Pencilneck and Plastic Blue Sky.

With the lineup complete, Porcelain have come up with a killer set that's fast ripping through pub venues all over Melbourne - sharing the stage with many local acts including Mach Pelican, Warped, Fez Perez, Legends of Motorsport, Dern Rutlidge, Firesign, Loin Groin, Concorde, The Sailors, Litany and Oiska. They've also scored some commendable support slots with the likes of acclaimed US rockers, The Donnas, along with New York's Lunachicks, earlier this year. And finally, after a series of rough demos over the years, comes the release of "Shimmerstar", a smooth recording that highlights all of their strengths, confirms their solid lineup and unique, eclectic sound.

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