TDB aka Tha Deadly Boyz Highly Anticipated 2nd album "Rise" now out on I-tunes . Grab your copy today and see what all the buzz is about . Already getting great reviews from the USA and the Australian Fans.

Adelaide , SA, Australia

The group started of as WSB (West Side Boyz) and consisted of 3 group member who were Stinga T, Big Sexy and Shawdee AKA Charlie Streetz. The group started off as a vocal R&B group which they took vocal lesson for, which went for about a year and a half. After realizing that the vocal group wasn’t going to work, the group decided to change to a Hip Hop group because they all had background with that genre of music and could feel alot more comfortable making that style of music. Along with the genre change, came along an addition to the group and he went by the name of Johnny G AKA Junior. With WSB formed, they performed at events such as Blak Nite, Nunga Woodstock and other Indigenous events. To there credit, they achieved to become a finalist of MusicoOz which is a national competition for unsigned artists of Australia in which, WSB finished in the top ten for the Indigenous category. For about a year they performed and recorded about 10 tracks that they funded themselves throughout that year. After that period, Johnny G AKA Junior returned to his home town of Whyalla and joined a Hip Hop group called the Shadows, also with his departure from WSB, Shawdee AKA Charlie Streetz decided to leave the group as-well due to his responsibilities as a father were way more important to him and his family. As the remanding members, Big Sexy and Stinga T decided to change the name of the group from West Side Boyz to TDB - Tha Deadly Boyz. They changed it because of Trademark purposes and also they felt they were starting a new beginning and with that new beginning, came a new name. For the past 5 year straight and two albums under there belt,

TDB have performed all around Australia at different venues, Festivals and Music Award nights such as the 2009 Bump Indigenous Urban Music Awards. TDB also have three professionally completed music video of which one of them have been featured on Channel V on Foxtel which was played every night for four months straight from when it was submitted. Also the same music video ‘Rise’ has won a Cinematography award for South Australia/Western Australia which went to Lucas Scheffel who Directed and was Cinematographer for the video.

TDB have also had there music used for some Independant short and feature films in Australia, along with being featured on Mixtapes for the Hip Hop genre nationally and internationally. Tha Deadly Boyz have collaborated with such artists as Naomi Wenitong (TLK & ex-Shakaya member), Queensland based rapper C-Roc, Florida (US) based rapper 4-5 and Queensland based singer Candy. With the return of both Shawdee, know known as Charlie Streetz and Johnny G, know know as Junior, TDB are set now to take on Aussie Hip Hop and show the rest of Australia the ‘New Breed’ of Indigenous rappers to emerge into the Music Industry. We are currently in talks with some more collaborations with Simone Stacey (ex-Shakaya member) and organizing a Major collaboration with the Multi-Platinum Selling US rapper ‘The Game’. Tha Deadly Boyz are ready for anything and with big opportunities on the horizon, who knows how big TDB are going to be. Their 2nd Album “Rise” is now out on myspace music and I-tunes , although the album just features Stinga T & Big sexy , Junior and Charlie Streetz will accompany and support this album at all up and coming shows.

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