Passionate Hip Hop & RnB group.

Parramatta, Sydney, NSW, Australia

How did the Underground Syndicate evolve?


Dodgy and Synikal, founders of the Underground Syndicate, were working for the same company & discovered that they both had a passion for hip hop & R&B. They started battling each other while working via email. It wasn’t until they had 60 pages of lyrics that they decided to record some tracks. That was the beginning of their success.



From then Dodgy & Synikal found that a lot of groups consisted of mostly rapping, so they decided to introduce something that could differentiate them from all the rest. Dodgy & Synikal went out one night to a club and from a distance they could hear a voice that filled the club and instantly grabbed their attention. That sound came from the soon to be 1st addition to the group called Dirty.



On another night out, they discovered the 2nd addition to the syndicate crew Sahara , while hosting karaoke. Sahara had a deep soulful voice, but when it came to her notes, Sahara 's new strength & capabilities were amazing when she discovered that she could rap.

Why the Underground Syndicate?

  • Mastered debut album “Down 4 Wateva” 2007 
  • Opening acts for Montel Jordan & Blackstreet
  • Finalist in the Commercial Radio Competition 2007
  • DJ’s are playing the Underground Syndicate tracks in Australia & USA
  • We have an official DJ “DJ Nevka” that represents the group
  • Currently 3.2 Million MySpace hits
  • Merchandise, which consists of shirts for males & females, hats, bandanas & wrist bands
  • Numerous live performances in clubs and festivals, see MySpace for more details
  • Mentioned in numerous international articles, websites & radio
  • Strong affiliations with overseas Entertainment Companies

How does the Underground Syndicate stand out from the rest?


The Underground Syndicate are a multi skilled talented group that consists of members that contribute to producing & writing the tracks from beginning to end. The Underground Syndicate includes rappers, a singer & lyricists.



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