Blow - Classic Rock!
'Expect The Unexpected'

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The branding says it all, Blow – Classic Rock!

Blow is a bunch of seasoned musicians who had a vision to put together a tight, punchy and entertaining rock band. To date every show has lived up to that expectation and more with the motto being ‘expect the unexpected’ as the band engages the audience in the power and fun that emanates from stage.
Front man, Tony Townsend, says “We always thought that the show would work, but the reaction has really exceeded all expectations. We have been overwhelmed with the response that we have received from people sixteen to sixty … you just can’t go past the classics …. our audiences just sing along to every song.”
Blow delivers a ‘must see’ rock show for anyone who enjoys the timeless classics of bands such as the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company, the Rolling Stones, the Animals, Joe Cocker, Creedence and Santana as well as Aussie classics from the Easybeats, Sunnyboys, INXS, the Angels and of course AC/DC. The band has recently expanded its already great repertoire to include the classics of Nirvana, Billy Idol, U2, Lenny Kravitz and many others.
Lead guitarist, Claude Poffandi says “We are just amazed at the requests that we get from our younger audiences for the old classics …… its just a testament that great songs live forever.”
As anyone that has seen the show will tell you, Blow are not just a covers band, they make the songs their own, they have the “X” factor that just simply needs to be experienced.
Tony Townsend, an icon in the music industry and proprietor of the famous Sandringham (Sando) at Newtown, fronts the band with his unique and powerful lead vocals and stage presence. Rob (the Kid) Poffandi brings youth to the band as he also delivers his potent lead vocals and guitar for the classics with his Audioslave, Pearljam and Soundgarden influence. Claude Poffandi brings his ‘straight from the heart’ scintillating slick licks as lead guitarist as well as vocals. Blow has one of the tightest and punchiest rhythm sections going around and is superbly manned by the great bass of Lou Amato and the powerhouse drumming of Lou (Louch) Katalinic.
Shows to date have received an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences as the band strives continuously to deliver on its vision.
In most peoples lives these days there isn't enough time to actually enjoy life, dance, sing and be merry... This will all change if you DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR and come along to a Blow Gig... from that day onward there will always be enough time...If you like Classic Rock like the Stones, Doors, Led Zeppelin, Cocker, Easybeats...  then the time for you is now... join the living and have some fun with Blow!

Blow – Classic Rock is a show that should not be missed!

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