The Blowflies play their own brand of powerful melodic original rock.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The band originally formed in the late 90's with Neil Robertson and Peter Deske coming together with their songwriting abilities, immediately proving to be a strong writing partnership. The line up has developed over several years, originally having a guitar based sound with huge guitar lead breaks. As time has progressed, with the band working throughout Melbourne playing to a faithful following, the line up of today has emerged into a more commercial based sound, featuring huge vocals and harmonies, but maintaining driving, solid beats.

The Blowflies have released two CDs, the first being the full length album 'Buzz' and the second being their self titled EP 'The Blowflies'. The band is currently working around Melbourne on a weekly basis and is drawing good size crowds to the venues. They are also currently working towards a national tour and have gained some air play on Triple M, 2 Day FM (Sydney) and also on Russ Kellett's Breaky show 97.1 3MDR FM, where you can hear the Blowflies weekly through the support of Russ Kellett, who is a major supporter of original Australian music. Currently the Blowflies are in the studio recording their next album. This will feature the collaborative writing of Alisa Groves and also Janine Marshall's first foray with the Blowflies in a recording studio. The new CD should be released in the next few months. The CD will feature 'I Fall Down', a song that is knocking them over live. All the band members are experienced musicians and they combine their talents for an explosively powerful and melodic live sound.

PETER DESKE - Drums and vocals. The most experienced player in the Blowflies. His drumming is solid and tight, but has individual flair which has developed into his own unique style of playing. He also adds vocal harmonies and has co-written many of the Blowflies' songs. Peter has his own studio called 'Pythagoras Records' which the Blowflies use to rehearse and record in. This facility has given the Blowflies a professional base to work from and has set the springboard to future success.

THOR HAMMARAXX - Guitar and vocals. The most recent member of the Blowflies and arguably the most colorful, Thor was an excellent choice for the band. He plays a twelve string acoustic guitar which blends and vitalizes the harmonic strains of the guitar section.

JANINE MARSHALL - Bass and vocals. Janine Marshall, the bass player of the Blowflies is an awesome female talent. Janine has a unique style on bass, both solid and colorful, filling in with melodic bass runs. She also has a great voice and has contributed original songs from her self produced CD 'No Apologies'. Janine adds her accomplished vocals to the already powerful vocal sound of the band with both her harmonies and lead vocal ability.

ALISA GROVES - Vocals and percussion. Alisa Groves has been a faithful member of the Blowflies since joining the band a year ago. She has added huge vocals with a bubbly personality. She is a blonde bombshell with great moves and blends her vocals with Neil Robertson extremely well. Alisa has also written several songs which have added to the Blowflies sound and style. Alisa's huge vocal ability has made the Blowflies ready for the international market.

NEIL ROBERTSON - Vocals and guitar. One of the most prolific song writers in the country today, Neil has written over five hundred compositions in his musical journey. He is the front man of the Blowflies along side Alisa. Neil.s voice has an individual, unmistakable sound, both warm and soothing. He also has his own self-produced CD entitled "Deep In My Mind" . Neil is another colorful character, his passion for music is second to none.A founding member of the band, Neil is committed to the cause to ensure success in the near future.

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