Justin Standley as seen on X Factor 2012. For Bookings, contact Entertain Oz

QLD, Australia

Justin Standley as seen on X Factor 2012. For Bookings, contact Entertain Oz.

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Justin Standley is a 41-year-old man who cites his musical influences as The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Slim Dusty, Sara Storer, John Denver, Kasey Chambers and Joni Mitchell. Standley was able to capture the attention of the judges with his heartfelt story and even more heartfelt song. He auditioned singing Cat Steven’s famous song. He used his own life as the avenue from which he channeled all his emotions and frustrations to further enhance the quality and heart of his song. Luckily for him, it worked out. The judges loved Justin Standley and his sincerity. He was able to add his own personal flavor to the X Factor mix.

Although Justin Standley has a beautiful voice that has been able to captivate the hearts of many, the best part about his story is its ending. Everybody loves a happy ending, and Justin Standley’s story provides us with exactly that.

For twelve years, he had spent life without his three children, being unable to see them. He was not allowed to see his children once his partner realized that he was in fact homosexual. He spent his time away from all those that he loved by immersing himself in music and letting the pain drown away. He channeled his emotions, his frustration and his pain in his music, letting it all flow through his songs. When he performed Cat Steven’s ‘Father and Son’, Keating stated that he had never heard the song sung ‘with so much heart.’ This shows exactly how heartfelt and soulful his songs are. However, the ending was happy. Once his X Factor audition was broadcasted, his now grown up daughter contacted her father, eager to meet the man that she had not been able to be with for so long. The tearful father-daughter reunion immediately created a place in everyone’s heart for Justin Standley.

Although Justin Standley was busy studying to become a teacher at university, he also found time to share his passion for music with the Silverwater Women’s Correctional Centre, where he worked as a prison choir teacher. As far as Justin Standley is concerned, X Factor was able to give him something that he had long considered lost to him forever. However, this did not lessen his passion for music. He still remains as hard working as ever, channeling all his emotions into his music, hoping to make a difference in other’s lives.


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