Music from the Andes in Australia, Chaski, South American musicians in Australia:

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Chaski is a group of musicians that perform Andean Music - music from such places as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Chaski is based in Melbourne, Australia and have been performing for a number of years.

Andean music has managed to survive through performers that not only have kept it alive in South America, but have taken it to other continents where it has been well received.

It is called Andean Music because it originates from the Andes region. This region is dominated by the mountainous chain known as the Andes and it spans more than 5,000 miles from the Sea of Antilles to Tierra del Fuego. Though the music is mainly played in the region from Southern Colombia to Northern Chile and Argentina, therefore taking in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. This region, once dominated by the Aymara people (500-900AD) who still survive in the area, and then by the Quechuas as the Inca civilization (1400-1532AD), is where we find the greatest examples of Andean Folklore. Because the music and the region has had such a long history, it is not surprising to find elements of the different cultures that arrived in South Americas, e.g. the Spaniards as well as African slaves. This has helped in the development of contemporary Andean music.

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