Ganga Giri is renowned worldwide for his pumping percussive didge grooves. Techno Didge

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

His energetic performances blend the ancient traditional sounds of his homeland with electronic dance rhythms of the now. His solo performance is a dynamic celebration of life. His music is primal and futuristic making it a feature at festivals around the globe, Giri constantly tours the planet with his didgeridoo and percussion collection.

Ganga Giri is becoming something of an enigma in the world today, his unique sound is the didj played with a pulsating rythmic energy like no other.

His solo performances are simply explosive and serve as a reminder of the real power of natural sound. He naturally whips up a whirlwind of timeless traditional soundscapes driven by the electric dance rythems of the NOW!

Asked personally to describe his sound....... "pumpin jumpin spiritual, ritual, manic organic didjeridu cooks hot firing out the spiral indigenous hypertechnologies into a new world"
Ganga is perpetually touring earth with his didjeridu an percussion collection includinng the unique Cyber Slide-Didge!

The cutting edge London dance producer`s Farley and Heller have recorded tracks with Ganga and they will surely get his unique didj sound cutting through the sound systems of UK clubland. He has recently recorded didj on a track on Peter Gabriel`s soon to be released new album on Real World.
Ganga says; "The most significant thing with the didj is how it is capable of blending in with all forms of music to bring its particular energies of the earth to all genre`s and audiences whether "into" world music or full on dance events.

The didj (didgeridoo) is definately a gift from nature. In most cases they are made from eucalyptus trees from either the tree trunk or the branches.The reason they are a gift from nature is that they are hollowed out by termites so the hole in the centre is completely natural.I named one of my cd's "Termite Grooves"to honor these little fella's that do all the work.When they hollow out the inside of the didj they make little grooves that i believe helps create the over tones you hear. Most of the really good didj's come from the top end of Northern Australia but you can also find them in other southern regions too.

In some cases i have wandered out in to the bush and have been lucky to find a termite hollowed tree. After cutting it I can play it staight away because there are no holes or cracks in it. In most cases you need to do some work on it before it comes up to scratch as a quality musical instrument. Didjeridu's are then painted , traditionally however they were left plain. There is really no other instrument in the world that allows you to connect and be at one with your surroundings like the didj. When you are camping in the bush and you hear a kookaburra or an owl or dingo you can mimic back there sounds. If you are not from Australia i guess your dingo calls will sound more like your pet dog. The basic tone is a very healing vibration that is definately a nice and interactive way to meditate. I believe the more people that play the didj the better becaues of the healing vibations recieved and given out through this instrument.

There are many dreamtime stories of its origin, too many to list but the main known origin is Arnehem land in the Northern Territory and it eventualy spread accross the top part of Australia. Some people say it is the oldest instrument in the world being around 50,000 years old. Maybe, maybe not. It definately is one of the most organic instruments in the world with one of the most sophisticated sounds. You can play this instrument with any music style as it can be played as a 'drone' in the back ground or a pumping percussive lead instrument. If you are interested in playing the didj you can always start on a piece of pvc pipe or on a vacum cleaner pipe.Hopefully you will eventually get the real thing and recieve the inspiration of an Australian eucalyptus didj. Enjoy the did

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