All Cocked up is an 11 peice band that recreates the sound that is Cocker, Starting with Mad Dogs up to the present

Seaford Rise, Adelaide, SA, Australia

All Cocked Up is made up of 10 of Australia's top musicians. With Shane Whitham up front as Joe Cocker it is hard to tell the difference between Shane and Joe Cocker himself. He looks and sings like Cocker and with this band it is Joe Cocker From Mad Dogs up to the present time. The actions and the vocals are Joe Cocker, shane says " when I walk on stage I am Joe Cocker and will give you your money back if you don't think that you have seen him

"All Cocked up" The Autralian Joe Cocker Tribute show, is a 10 peice band from Adelaide that is a registered buisiness and name as well to protect itself from other tributes to Joe Cocker. Shane Whitham is the front man and looks and acts like the man himself. He has studied Joe Cocker to the extent that he even states that if you dont think that you have seen Joe Cocker he will give you your money back, and to this date no one has asked for a refund. with an impresive line up of top Adelaide Musicians and one of the best brass sections (Trumpet and Sax/baratone,tenor,flute)in the country. Shane has two keyboard player as well as bass, drums, guitar,percussion,and two female backing singers to recreate the sound that is Joe Cocker, Joe Cocker himself only travels with an 8 peice that includeds himself, Shane states that to recreate Mad Dogs you need the extra players and won't comprimise, much to the delite of those that patronise his show. A website will be up and running soon and merchandise is available now so look out for "All Cocked Up" The Australian Joe Cocker Show coming to a venue near you soon.

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