Janet Seidel presents her delightful celebration of the life and songs of Doris Day.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Janet Seidel's Doris Day tribute show.

In her long film career Doris Day made 39 movies, 18 of which were musicals. Yet it is as a singer that she is most remembered. She recorded 650 songs many of which became popular in the standard repertoire. Songs like 'Secret love', 'Pillow talk' 'Somebody loves me' and 'Que sera sera' are forever associated with her sunny feel good delivery and pleasant sounding voice.

It is from this huge repertoire that JANET SEIDEL, one of Australia's most accomplished song stylists, has devised a one-woman cabaret celebrating the life and songs of Doris Day.

Janet has often been vocally compared to Doris Day and her show, funny and poignant at times, is presented with the superb arrangements which are very much the hallmark of Janet Seidel.

Appearing with Janet in 'Doris and Me' is accomplished double bass player, DAVID SEIDEL - Janet's brother - ensuring that the material swings with the authentic jazz approach.

Tune list
  • Somebody loves me
  • Sentimental journey
  • Secret love
  • I'll string along with you
  • My dreams are getting better all the time
  • I've got the sun
  • Embraceable you
  • It's magic
  • Canadian capers
  • Too marvellous for words
  • I know that you know
  • Crazy rhythm
  • Tea for two
  • The very thought of you
  • The way you look tonight

This is a delightful celebration of the songs associated with Doris Day from one of Australia's most acclaimed song stylists.

Being a class act comes naturally to vocalist - pianist Janet Seidel.Performing to packed houses over 3 nights, the melodious magic of Doris Day shines through.

Playing the piano, Janet interspersed the song brackets with snippets of the trials and tribulations of the star's life.

Being an ardent fan of the singer - actress, it's easy to see why Janet is compared to the woman best known for movie comedy musicals in the 50s and 60s.

You don't have to close your eyes to feel as if Doris herself is centre stage.

Janet's 'Doris and Me' repertoire could not be faulted: the best of the old familiar standards were a joy to listen to. The medley of some 'cheesy songs' including Pillow Talk was memorable and the two songs from Calamity Jane were sheer delight.

This is how David Schwartz reviewed Janet's appearance
at the June 2000 Cabaret Convention:
Janet Seidel. Singer/pianist, smooth song stylist... David Schwartz wrote in Cabaret Org: I loved this act, but then I love Peggy Lee and Doris Day, and Janet Seidel can sound just like each of them and she performs with great charm. I could imagine her in a piano bar setting or playing to a small dinner. Janet has a show 'Doris and Me' which must be worth seeing.

Janet Seidel, performer in some of Sydney's finest hotels and veteran of several cabaret conventions, performed a beautiful set of songs associated with the career of Doris Day and made this material seem charming and unhackneyed. Though this was an excerpt from her show Doris and Me, Ms.Seidel managed to convince us that this performance could stand alone.

David Schwartz earlier reviewed Janet's 'Doris & Me' show in the June 99 Sydney Cabaret Convention online review. Last night was the opening night and the Cabaret Space at the Sydney Town Hall was filled. The night began with an opportunity to hear one of the really smooth piano and bass duos of this country, Janet and David Seidel.

This sister/brother team is one of the treasures of Sydney and should be heard more widely. The highlights for me were...truly elegant jazz styling by Janet Seidel, a cool professional with a sort of Barbara Carroll sensibility. She did a great rendition of Hoagy C's Skylark.

Get hold of a couple of their CDs and hear for yourself what artistry these two and their jazzzz colleagues are capable of.

Janet Seidel in "Doris and Me," with David Seidel on double bass. Following her sell-out season in May, Janet returns to the cafe with her delightful celebration of the life and songs of Doris Day.


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