Tips for 21st Party DJ Hire – How to Rock the Party

21st party DJ hire is definitely a measure of how much of a success your birthday party is going to be and it is really important too as you do not turn 21 every other day. Hiring a DJ is one of the most popular party entertainments as it is a sure shot way of bringing life to the party. If you are planning your birthday and want your guests to enjoy every minute of it, then apart from yummy food the next best thing that you can have at your party is a DJ playing some upbeat music to keep the people entertained. Music adds life to the event and a DJ is bound to draw the crowd to the dance floor.


If you are considering hiring a DJ for your party, you can either contact the DJ directly if they are only locally known. Some of the experienced disc jockeys have managers to handle their affairs and you can make a booking through the managers. Numerous party and event organizers provide the facility of disc jockeys for the party. If your party is being organized by professional organizers, you can request the additional services of a disc jockey for the event. If you have a friend who is a disc jockey, you can even hire him to add the right amount of fun to your party.

Make a Playlist

A disc jockey can alter the mood of the party with the selection of music and can make the people relaxed and uplifted or drive them away from the party. A good disc jockey is supposed to bring the guests out on the dance floor and make the atmosphere comfortable. The music selection should be such that it releases the tension from the party and leaves everybody in a joyous mood. The music can be either a slow number or an upbeat pop song. The DJ must play the music according to the mood of the crowd.

Discuss the Event

Once you hire a disc jockey, make sure that you discuss the entire scheme of the event with the DJ so that the music selection can be planned accordingly. You can leave it to the DJ to select the type of music that should be played or you can give a list of selections that you want at your party. Add a couple of slow numbers along with plenty of upbeat music to keep the guests on their feet throughout the party. It is usually a good idea to start with some light music and gradually build up the tempo as the crowd begins to move to the dance floor.

Back up Equipment

Make sure that the DJ that you are hiring is well aware of the location and the theme of the party. The DJ must have back up equipment just in case there is a problem with the equipment that is being currently used. The last thing that you want is equipment failure while the party is in full swing. The DJ must bring extension cords and such equipment but the organizers must inform the disc jockey beforehand regarding the setup of the equipment.

Clear the Dance Floor

The organizers must have an area specified for the disc jockey and another section as the dance floor. Make sure that there are no pieces of furniture or cords in that area in order to avoid the guests from tripping over and hurting themselves. If there are any cords in the area, they should be secured to the floor so that they do not cause inconvenience for the guests.

Have Fun!

Make sure that the guests are having fun and you can do that by having fun yourself. Guests are going to follow the lead of the hosts and if they feel that the host is having the time of his life, they are bound to join in. To make it more interesting, allow the guests to make requests to the DJ if there is a large selection of music. Make sure the DJ that you have hired is also having fun as the mood is going to rub on the crowd as well. You want your guests to be happy and leave the party with some fun memories.

A disc jockey that has the knack of reading the crowd and responding to the reactions of the people with just the right type of music can make a lot of difference in making the party a success. People usually judge an event or a party based on the entertainment that is provided to the guests. Good music is definitely the factor that is bound to be an instant hit with the guests and tip the balance of opinions in your favour. Follow the tips for 21st party DJ hire to bring the people out on the dance floor and make your party an event to remember.


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