Average Keynote Speaker Fees: Talk is (not) Cheap

Average keynote speaker fees might seem high but when you compare the advantages of having an exceptional keynote speaker to the cost, the balance will tip in favour of having a keynote speaker. Whether you are arranging a corporate event or a freshmen orientation at a university, it is essential to have a keynote speaker to make the event successful. The speakers can talk about event specific topics or they can deliver a motivational speech that is bound to be an instant hit regardless of the background of the listeners.

Although it is said that talk is cheap but when it comes to keynote speakers, the notion is drastically altered. Talk is definitely not cheap and the average keynote speaker fees can go up to thousands of dollars depending upon the fame and reputation of the speaker. If the speaker is a renowned celebrity, the charges would definitely be higher as such speakers are guaranteed to increase the attendance of the event significantly.

A keynote speaker who has only just begun his career can be hired at a little over $500. However, the same cannot be expected from a veteran in the field. The speech delivered by a beginner cannot be compared to that delivered by an expert but you would have to do with what you can manage while remaining in your budget. The keynote speaker fees also include the travel and lodging cost and it is in addition to what the speaker is paid. The travel and lodging arrangements are usually the responsibility of the organizers. In case the speaker is supposed to make these arrangements personally, the organizers would be required to pay an additional amount to cover the cost of travel and lodging.

Keynote speaker fees and the level of expertise

A keynote speaker who is well reputed and established might cost around $10,000 while internationally recognized figures can charge up to $100,000 for delivering a single speech. The keynote speakers can be hired directly or through negotiation with the manager in case the speaker is a high profile celebrity. Numerous associations provide the clients with the services of keynote speakers for their events.

Hiring an Independent Keynote Speaker

Keynote speakers who work independently might also offer the clients with various discounts if they are willing to do so. They have their own website with contact details. The speakers might reduce their rates if the event is taking place at a resort and the organizers allow the speaker the opportunity to travel with their spouse and children. If the organizers frequently hire a speaker, then the speaker might offer a discount. The organizers can also get a discount if they promote the product like a book or a brand that is supported by the keynote speaker.

Do they charge by the hour or for each event?

Each keynote speaker charges differently depending upon the terms settled beforehand. Some keynote speakers charge by the hour while others prefer to charge the organizers for each lecture that is delivered. Generally, speakers who work independently have their own websites displaying their terms and conditions along with the amount that they charge for an event. In most cases, the charges are negotiable and an agreement can be reached.

Usually, independent keynote speakers demand to know the budget of the organizers and any additional offer that the organizers might be willing to make in exchange for a discount. It could be anything from a stay at a luxury hotel or an offer for hiring the speaker at additional events. In case of well-reputed celebrity speakers, the fee isusually fixed. Organizers can talk directly to celebrity speakers once they have been hired and duly paid.

If you want to make your event a booming success and want the attendees to leave in an uplifted mood, then hiring a keynote speaker is the best option you have. Academic and corporate events have keynote speakers as crucial components of the entire program. A speech delivered bythem is the measure of the success of an event as it can create a lot of difference.

No matter what other entertainment might be available at the event, a well-delivered speech can leave a lasting impact. Average keynote speaker fees are supposed to be just an estimation of the actual cost as it usually dependson the prominence of the speaker.

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