Ultimate Engagement Party DJ Hire Advice and Tips

Engagement party DJDJs and sound systems have become not just an optional part of any function. Perhaps, one of the most important components of birthday parties, weddings, engagement parties or high school promsare the DJs sound systems. This is why many people are spending a lot of money and effort in finding one of the best engagement party DJ hire possibilities in their regions. When the guests come to their engagements and weddings, they really want to have a nice time and you, as host, can help them enjoy by setting the perfect ambience. TheDJ/sound system that you hire for your party is perhaps the perfect way to do that.

First, many people try to figure out whether they need a professional music person to come in at all and play a choice of songs for the audience. Most often, they quickly decide that getting a professional DJ who not only knows what he is doing but also knows just the right music and original song mash-ups to play, is necessary. This can save them a lot of hassle in arranging for an alternate person. Aperson who’d have to struggle through the process of handling the music equipment and playing different songs without interruptions and awkward song problems.

With the demand for music systems and DJs is growing, many of them have diversified their services to provide round table, speakers, mikes, disco lights and other labour required to set up the sound system and sound cables. In essence, most music companies have sprung up that strives to take care of all music and sound related demands of their customers especially on such special occasions. However, the issue of an engagement party DJ hire is still more important than simply hiring a music company because a DJ can bring that extra spark in your gathering. Remember, it is not just the choice of music and its relevance to your engagement party. In fact, the real skills of a DJ consistof mixing music and adding such beats to the music that your guests will want to tap their feet to it and even get up and join you on the dance floor.

Although this is all great to remember but much harder to implement when you get down to business and realize that there are so many DJs out there specializing in all sorts of genres of music. Read through the following essential tips when searching for the perfect DJ and sound system provider for your special day:

1. The engagement party DJ hire you make will depend on whether you have a theme for your engagement party. If for instance, you keep a ‘reggae’ themed party or a ‘beach’ themed engagement party, you should instantly narrow down your search to an engagement party DJ hire that has special knowledge of related songs.

2. In many cases, traditional wedding events like engagements need a traditional DJ that only performs at weddings and private parties. They know exactly the kind of music that different types of audiences like. Other times, when the hosts want their friends and family to party hard, they hire professional DJs that also perform in clubs and concerts. However, remember that this option might become pricier for you because many club DJs are considered artists and therefore, have an agency working for them.

3. If the DJ is providing lighting for the event as well, it needs to be just perfect depending on the kind of mood you wish to set. For a vibrant, energetic and lively gathering, you’d probably want the engagement party DJ hire to bring lots of disco balls and other lights. However, even for slow, mellow and romantic atmosphere, disco lights alone can make the dance floor look amazing.

4. Meeting with different DJs and trying to find out more about their skills and experience is very important. Just as you would take great pains to meet your florist, dressmaker and caterer, make sure you meet the DJ. Find out more about his/her work ethics, attitude and general dedication to their work.

5. Make sure they have a wide and a large music library with songs you would want them to play at the party for sure. If there is a special song, mash-up, audio or video you would like them to play, you need to give it to your DJ beforehand and not on the day of the engagement party. The DJ should also be flexible and vigilant enough to play all song requests at the engagement party and to keep the guests fully entertained with music.

6. For your chosen engagement party DJ, hire professional or company to have insurance is important too. This is because you definitely would not want to be responsible for any accident that might happen involving the DJ. For instance, if the DJ accidently breaks something at the venue, the music company will take care of the bill if the DJ is insured by the company.

7. Finally and most importantly, it is your job to make sure your DJ is punctual and reliable. Try to convey to your DJ beforehand that it is very important for you that they should be at the venue on time and should have set everything up before the guests arrive. By default, do not believe in the ‘Murphy’s Law’ and make sure, beforehand, that your DJ will bring backups of their entire equipment set.
Therefore, your job as the host of an amazing engagement party is to find an engagement party DJ hire company that will take care of the entire music and sound business for the party and will make it an event to remember.

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