Tips for Kids Party DJ Hire

Kids party DJ hireKids party DJ hire might be a lot more challenging than you think as children are highly self-conscious and easily give in to the pressure from their peers. If you are planning a birthday party for your child or just a fun filled get together for the kids, make sure that you provide the right type of entertainment as a party is usually judged by the entertainment provided to the guests. Parties for children are even more challenging to plan as the entertainment and the activities must be age appropriate while being fun at the same time.

Involve the Kids

You must involve the kids in making the arrangements of the party and ask them about the type of activities they want. It is often difficult for parents to judge what the children want and what type of music is considered ‘cool’ by the new generation due to the generation gap and the difference in choices. It is a good idea to ask the children what they exactly want. They would appreciate it and you would not remain in doubt regarding the arrangements of the party.

Hiring a DJ is a sure shot way to make the party an instant hit as everybody enjoys good music. Music is one thing that is bound to bring life to the party and uplift the mood of the guests. You can make the party arrangements in such a manner that an area is specified as the dance floor and make sure that it is cleared of all the furniture or any other object that might be a hindrance to free movement. The cords should be well secured to the ground and any floor mats must be removed from the area.

If you are hiring a DJ for the party, make sure that the disc jockey is well aware of the type of crowd that would be there and any other activities that the host is planning apart from music and dancing. The host can teem-up all other activities at the party with the music being played by the DJ. For example, kids love activities like musical chairs and pass the pillow. Such activities can use some funky background music to make them a lot more fun. However, make sure that you plan the activities according to the age of the attendees. While a ten year old might enjoy passing the pillow game, your teenage child might consider it very childish for his age group.

Break the Ice

Kids are shy and they do not come out on the dance floor on their own. Break the ice and get the disc jockey to play some upbeat music that brings the crowd to the dance floor. You can throw goodies in the crowd as it is a sure shot way of bringing the kids to the dance floor and the disc jockey can play some catchy tunes to retain the crowd and make the guests stay on their feet. The kids usually like some pop and upbeat music but you can introduce some slow numbers later on during the party.

You can either hire a professional DJ for your kid’s party especially if you have a teenage child as they tend to appreciate professional services or you could be a DJ yourself if your child is young and is not very particular about professionals playing at the party. You would require some basic equipment like a laptop and a set of speakers to amplify the music. Make a playlist of your own with guidance from your child about the type of music that the guests would prefer. Set up the speakers and the basic equipment and get ready for adding life to the party with your skills.

Plan the Playlist According to the Crowd

Make sure that the selection that you play is up to date and the kids are familiar with the songs. The children do not have the understanding of classics at such a young age and it might not be a good idea to play the Beatles at a kid’s party. There should be plenty of songs and you can make it even more interesting by allowing the guests to make requests.

Children tend to be very particular about the entertainment that is provided at their parties and want to look impressive in front of their peers by having the most amazing parties with the coolest arrangements. The parents are expected to bring the imaginations of the child to life – and organize a party that is a reflection of the child’s wishes. It is a great idea to make your kids feel important by asking their opinion regarding the arrangements and the activities at the party. By following these tips for kids party DJ hire, you can make the event a success and be your child’s greatest hero.

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