Aerial Burlesque events. Acts range from the ground up, beautiful women and boys to excite the senses, a little sexy, a little naughty. We take performance into the air. Art Babes, when only the best will do...

Adelaide, SA, Australia

A circus Theme with a circus master  who is naughty, a great ballet dancer, a great performer, a tiny bit sexy, leaps all over the stage, wild mean, then seductive with grand leaps and whip cracking.

Then two spinning lira's, with two good looking women, who do a beautiful act, but the nasty Ring Master cracks his whip, girls can be dressed as toy soldiers or classic French type of Pierrot dolls.

A tissue act by Ange , dressed as a show girl clown, doing a funny act, technically great act. The lira girls, cool off the tissue show girl, clown with a feather fan dance or tap.

Once all three girls are together the ring master cracks his whip once to many times and bang pop pow the girls wrap him in his whip, leaving him stuck, the girls get there own back with a few kicks and we finish sitting on the ring master a bit of acro balance is done while getting the ring master wrapped and on the floor, its funny, a little sexy, technically very good, costumes are great.

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