'Play with your Shorts' is a 60min floor show involving 2 to 3 actors, presenting up to 5 x short plays of 10 minutes maximum as 'moved readings', written by Australian playwrights, of interesting themes and genres.

Brisbane, Brisabane, QLD, Australia

'Play with your Shorts' is interactive and fun!

Pre-show, patrons are given a dramatic motive on paper for 4 x short plays to be presented. The actors will randomly request a motive from 2 x patrons per/short play and the actors will perform their role according to the spontaneous motive they have been given. Very entertaining.

Upon the final short play, the actors are invited to think of an individual yet specific role corresponding to a scenario they have secretly chosen, without revealing to either their co-actor or the audience. Post performance, the patrons are invited to guess what role &/or scenario both actors had chosen to perform before the actors finally reveal the true identity of their secret role and scenario. The patron who can guess the closest role & scenario of both actors wins 2 x mates rates tickets to the next exciting show, valid for one month only.

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