A stunning, female, aerial duo high up on a 3 dimensional spinning aerial cube.
Watch as they entwine around the cube and each other, performing in perfect synchronisation. This act is visually breathtaking display of strength, grace, trust and beauty.

Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Aerial Duo Cube is a visually breathtaking act which displays amazing strength, grace, trust and beauty.

The 3 dimensional cube spins high above, while the aerialists entwine themselves in and around it. They move in perfect synchronisation and perform daring moves that will leave you breathless.

Performed by two highly accomplished professionals in the entertainment industry. This graceful duo have over 20 years of aerial performance experience between them. They have been displaying their aerial strength, grace and fluidity to various audiences throughout the world & Australia during this time. This awe inspiring, aerial duo will leave every audience wanting more!

The act is currently performed to a sultry, stylish Spanish track but can be themed to match your event

Aerial Duo Cube is a 6 minute show, requiring a minimum of 4.5 metres height and a rated rigging point minimum of 1 tonne.

Also available for: Aerial Silks, Aerial Ring/Lyra, Duo Trapeze & Bubble Contortion

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