Add some insight to your light entertainment and organise Claire Hennekam to delight guests at your next function and give them something to talk about long after final drinks.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Whether you're organising a hen's night for ten of your closest girlfriends, a high-profile corporate function with hundreds of guests, or even a major sporting event, Claire Hennekam Astrologer can help you to spice up your day or night with one or more experienced astrologers, card and tarot readers.
Starting with a basic package, your guests will be treated to a short reading (5-10min, as agreed at time of booking), as well as a discount voucher for a full reading in the future if desired. Depending on the event you have planned, you may wish to offer guests the opportunity to have a longer reading, or perhaps to learn more about themselves through a walk-through of their astrological birth chart.
For team events, Claire comes in to shed some light on why the team operates in certain ways based on the astrological make-up of the unit, and how by simply understanding every person's role in that specific team, individuals can actually enhance the performance of the team overall.
Claire Hennekam has done readings at Flemington on major race days, football social functions, corporate Christmas parties, university events, birthday parties and hen's nights. Claire Hennekam, has also appeared in the Herald Sun and The Age newspapers, including a recent analysis of Roger Federer and the 2007 Australian Open Final.
"So is this stuff for real or just a bit of fun?"
First and foremost, our readings at functions and parties are aimed at entertaining your guests. We're mindful of the environment and the variety of comfort levels that people coming for a reading have with what we do.
That said, entertainment means something different for everyone and Claire Hennekam is adept with "five minute wisdom", where a guest can walk away from the table with something profound and of very real use in a particular area of their life that might have been troubling them. Other punters are just there for a laugh and there are plenty of those to go around as well!
"A Silent Testimony" - personal account by Astrology reader Claire
In February 2007, I was reading at a stall on a university campus for their festival day, where new and returning students were welcomed at the start of the new semester. It wasn't long before I was dealing with hecklers, a few boys clearly skeptical of the whole idea of card reading. Finally I made a deal with the loudest student that I would let him have a reading next if he and his friends would keep the noise down. I finished the reading I was doing and as I said goodbye to another satisfied client, I invited this student to take a seat and shuffle the cards.
I laid out five cards and began to tell him the story that was unfolding. I took it slowly and paused several times, awaiting his feedback. It didn't come. Nearing the end of the reading, I sat back and looked at him. Finally he looked up from the cards and nodded awkwardly, indicating that I should continue. He said nothing.
I finished the reading after five minutes, with no verbal interaction from him. I asked if he had any questions and he shook his head, still staring at the same five cards. A moment later he shook himself out of it and looked at me again before standing up. He left me with only two words, spoken softly and genuinely and in stark contrast to his boisterous taunts from only a few minutes earlier.
"Thank you."
I read for the rest of the afternoon with no further interruptions, touched by the depth of character revealed about this student through his initially reluctant reading.

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