Leanda offers a combination of Tarot and Astrology to give you the deepest insight into your life that you will ever have.

Rodd Point, Sydney, NSW, Australia

In the ocean of possibilities that is the human life, even the most aware and skillful of us can get lost and disorientated.  A reading can be very helpful in providing an objective view of your life and from this vantage point make clear decisions.   Leanda offers a fascinating and informative insight into your life by combining Astrology and Tarot to provide a comprehensive overview of past, present and future issues and can also provide wonderful teambuilding activities that you and your staff will be talking about for years to come.
  • Astrological Tarot: 12 card spread delving into all areas of life
  • Natal Chart: Your blueprint
  • Transit Chart: What's happening now & what's coming up
  • Compatibility: Partnerhsip
  • Time-Line Chart: Events, karma, destiny
  • Solar Return Chart: Highlights for the coming 12 months
  • Numerology: 12 Month Forecast
  • Nominology: Name numerology; your true vibration
Diploma of Psychological Astrology
Diploma of Metaphysical Counselling


Medical Astrology Lv1
Chakras, Meridians and Energy Fields Lv1
Ayurveda Lv1
Transpersonal Kinesiology Lv1
Reiki Lv2
Seichem Lv2
Healing Order of the Golden Dragon Lv2

Additional Categories:

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