Descendance preserves and promotes Aboriginal culture, we represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers from many diverse tribes. Descendance has both traditional and contemporary performance, we create employment opportunities and develop ca

Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia

Descendance contemporary section encourages cultural exchanges and works closely with other traditional art forms including Flamenco, Indian, Asian, Native American and African. Descendance was born from the mighty Ngaru aboriginal dance company which was Sydney’s first independent traditional indigenous

" PORTAL " 2001
Newtown Theatre's Bodies live music & dance week

"Portal" is an original dance mythology, where the Aboriginal warrior "Jarramingu" turns the sky inside out in his quest for truth. Jarramingu enters a portal where his shadow and shimmering spirits guide him through an initiation. The show includes Indian, Asian, Flamenco, Aboriginal, and Torres Strait Island dance, with a colourful ensemble of live instruments.

...Beauty, energy and passion on a stick, I wept for the entire show...VIVA MAG




Jose Calarco was asked to produce a work for the United Nations Aus Aid launch at Parliament house on November 20 2002.He was asked to create a dance work which was to reflect Australia and Indonesian relations, especially in light of the Bali tragedy. Descendance along with Balinese dancers Nyoman Sumerti and Sani Puggy performed  “Tree Of Life” which showed the unity of all humanity as different branches of the same tree.  The work showcased 2 traditional dances pieces from 2 vastly different cultures, yet the stories and themes had striking similarities.

Descendance indigenous Aboriginals performed “The Honey Tree Dance” which was interwoven with the Balinese“ Bumble Bee Dance”, the story followed the Bee’s in play and mating looking for a home together in the trunk of the tree, they landed on the branches of the aboriginal Honey Tree and together in a synergistic Collison of cultures, the Bee’s, the tree and the hunters become one, one cannot do without the other; all give thanks for there existence. The piece received a standing ovation, with Un delegate head Mr Oshima stating it was one of the finest presentations ever seen at United Nations launch anywhere in the World.



Descendance was one of the 4 professional dance companies chosen in the epic indigenous ceremony “ Sydney Dreaming” in Olympic Park November 2002. The show had a cast of over 200 performers at the scenic Lake Belvedere in Bi-Centennial park. Descendance entered the stage area in canoes as Torres Strait Islander fisherman, the dreamtime story told how the fisherman captured a mermaid in there nets, she warned them to take only what they need, the fisherman continued to pillage the lake until the mermaid dragged them to there watery grave. Many critics would agree that Sydney Dreaming was the greatest indigenous event ever staged in Australia and a lot of the credit should go to the great vision of Artistic Director Rhoda Roberts

Sydney Fringe Festival

A showcase of contemporary & traditional Aboriginal dance. The Aboriginal figurine is lost in a dreaming; in parched dry lands he must find the tree of life to taste its nectar, this will help him find his way back to his tribe and family in the world of matter. A Mimi spirit riding the music of a flute leads h

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