PADDY'S WOMBAT is a five piece band who specialise in the performance of traditional and contemporary Irish and Australian songs, as well as traditional Australian dance.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia
The members of PADDY'S WOMBAT list impressive credentials including many years of performance experience each. The band consists of 5 very talented musicians, who together with a serious performing commitment, bring to their performances an energy which can only be described as pure chemistry. Peter Stanley, Rob Mitchell and Mark Cray lead the guitar and vocal dynamics of the band providing powerful harmonies and a blend of guitar only able to be achieved by accomplished musicians. Robyn Mitchell (yes Rob's director) forms the wind instrument section of the band and Rachel Knight (the youngest and best looking of us all) provides more vocals and brings the violin to life with great sensitivity. Both girls are highly skilled musicians with an enviable performance versatility using instruments such as the Irish Whistle, the Recorder, the Flute, the Violin, the Bodhran (Traditional Irish drum) and Australia's own Largerphone.

Peter Stanley played as a folk musician for many years before he joined the band. His talents include songwriting and he has written several of the songs performed by the band.  He, along with Mark and Rob, has the gift of being able to create powerful harmonies which gives the band a unique energy often missing in live performance. Peter plays Acoustic guitar and when he's "in the mood" plays the Kazoo (just why the rest of us aren't too sure).

Mark Cray has been buming around with the bass guitar for so long he can't remember, and now he plays bass with the Wombats. He began his musical enthusiasm learning piano, then acoustic guitar at an early age. After playing in rock bands for a number of years, he gradually turned his interests to more traditional Australian music, and thus, got together with friends to form the Gumnut Bush Band, who eventually went on to become Paddy's Wombat Band. As well as playing in Paddy's, Mark has also played bass guitar for many years with local school drama productions. 

Rachel Knight started learning violin at the age of five and spent considerable time playing classical music with the New Monash Orchestra, though she has played a range of musical styles from heavy metal, to traditional Irish, to alternative music. She enjoys acappella singing and contributes impressive vocal harmonies. Rachel has only been with the Wombats for a short time but has fitted in with her violin like she has always been part of the band. She, Robyn & Rob create dynamic musical structures as they combine Violin, Irish Whistle and Bodhran in some of Irelands wildest reels. You'll always recognise Rachel - "she's the young good looking blondish one. "

Rob & Robyn Mitchell have an extensive history as musicians. Both are professional music teachers and have a diverse musical background which includes everything from professional choristers to jazz saxophone (Robyn), and acoustic blues guitar (Rob - including release of the CD "Travelling man" in 1998). In the band Robyn plays the Irish whistle, Recorder and Flute while Rob plays the Bodhran and Acoustic guitar.  Rob, like Peter, is a songwriter and has written some of the songs the band performs. (In case you were wondering Rob & Robyn are married and Rob is a more recent member of the band. He is on "probation" and yes, Robyn is the BOSS).

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