Bubble Boy twists balloons into all shapes and sizes, for audiences of all ages, with witty banter and deft hands

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Bubble Boy

Bubble boy is a Balloon Twister and Sculptor. Bubble Boy twists balloons into all shapes and sizes, for audiences of all ages, with witty banter and deft hands. His work to date includes charity events, promotional displays and decor, parties for all ages, as well as roving and seated entertainment at outdoor events.

Bubble Boy is a Balloon artist who performs one-on-one with audiences. Bubble Boy is not a clown or magician and, as a specialist in balloons, he combines a wide range of material with dry and witty humour to provide entertainment for all audiences and age groups.

Everyone enjoys balloon twisting. Adults will tell you balloons are great for kids, but when they watch something being twisted they are kids all over again and most of them love it when you hand over the results. When performing at kids parties, Bubble Boy is always asked by parents to make something for them also.

Bubble Boy provides professional entertainment to suit all audiences in all circumstances. The audience is the most important part of any performance, and Bubble Boy's act changes to suit each audience. Kids can be the toughest audience to impress and Bubble Boy is proficient at amusing them with his 6 foot tall, coloured-bearded, wacky balloon-twisting antics. Adult audiences like to think of themselves as having a more mature sense of humour, however, Bubble Boy's 6 foot tall, coloured-bearded, wacky balloon-twisting antics provide a laugh for everyone.

Bubble Boy makes balloon twisting look simple. He amazes audiences by talking and twisting at the same time, and he also twists items behind his back asking the audience to keep an eye on what he is doing. Little tricks such as poking pins into balloons or placing object inside balloons without them popping, amaze audiences and leave them talking about the perfomance for days afterwards.

Bubble Boy is available to perform at:

  • Children's and Adult Parties
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Functions
  • Schools, Churches, Fetes, Open Days
  • Agricultural shows
  • Shopping Centers
  • Roving Performances
  • Charity Events
  • Any Occasions Not Listed Here.

If twisting is not what you require, Bubble Boy also does Balloon Releases, Room Decor and Balloon Sculpting for all of the above events.

When you book Bubble Boy you know that you are going to get fun and excitement at your function. The crowd will be well satisfied and talk about it for days afterwards.

The Bubble Boy philosophy is simply:

"if you're happy, so am I".

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