ADRIAN 'OZ' OSBORNE has drawn over 30,000 portraits at private and corporate events, since 1992.With the ability to draw a portrait in just 2 minutes, OZ has established himself as one of the fastest felt-tips in the business.

Clifton Hill, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

A CARTOONIST AT YOUR NEXT EVENT? Give your guests a unique memento of your special occasion with their caricature on stationery designed for your event - OZ can work from an easel in the corner of the room or rove around your guests handing out the finished portraits- often without them even knowing they've been drawn! Individualised colour stationery is provided at no extra charge - featuring your event name,company logo and contact details, the artwork will provide a lasting reminder of your product or special day. When you book a caricaturist at your event you get:

1. A cartoon drawn approximately every 2 minutes.

2. Stationery (A4 sized, or 297mm x 210mm) designed for your event, featuring the event name, your company logo (colour), and contact or promotional details.

3. Clear plastic pockets for the finished artwork.


When people are asked if they think they can draw, most reply they "can only draw stick figures" - Osborne's workshop, "Drawing on tools for Life", has been presented to classrooms and boardrooms around the country since 2002 - The sessions are designed to give audiences some “tools” to rise to the challenge of expressing their ideas to others when words fail - from signwriters, to scientists, farmers to pharmacists, bricklayers to brain surgeons, drawing allows you to express your ideas and communicate with others, even across language barriers. His colourful and entertaining presentation demystifies drawing, inspires new ideas and ignites confidence in his students and encourages pride in their own work and Respect for work of others; ultimately Osborne’s workshops demonstrate the importance of rediscovering the confidence and strength that comes from doing what you love, because as Osborne reminds us "life’s too short to do a job you hate"; and that one of the most powerful tools in your life could be the pen in your hand. “Not only is the pen mightier than the sword; with a good idea it can be twice as sharp!”

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