Enchanting Crystal Mermaids installation - unique underwater act featuring mesmerising art of crystal ball manipulation
Also stilt walking characters -
King Neptune, Ocean Queen & Capt'n Jack the pirate

Gold Coast, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Underwater Fantasea Performance Options...            

...Crystal Mermaids (duo installation with clam sea shell set)

Delve into an underwater wonderland.. Float away on a fantasy.. Be enchanted by the mermaid's mesmerising magic… as bubble-like crystal balls float & dance in contact with their glistening, sunkissed skin.
These serene sea sirens, basking in their enchanted ocean, drape themselves on seashore rocks & slumber in their luxurious sea shell. Upon awakening they invite you into their dreamy aqua-marine fantasy realm.
(also available as 30min children's story show)
(Installation complete with larger-than-life mermaid shell, rocks & staging props.)

.....King Neptune & Water Maiden (solo or duo stilt walkers)

King Neptune has left his watery kingdom to visit the "surface dwellers". Complete with flowing beard & bubble-billowing trident, (yet strangely no fishy smell!) he enchants all "airbreathers" he meets…
Gracefully floating by, the Water Maiden adds a special sparkle to her watery surrounds.. blowing zillions of tiny bubbles that float & flow in the breeze...

.....Capt’n Jack the One-Legged Pirate Stilt Walker

ARrrr me hearties…it’s the fearsome Captain Jack. Well not so fierce now he’s only got one leg, but that doesn’t stop him recruiting ‘would-be’ pirates in his endless search for the shiny bling-bling of pirate treasure.
*Solo performer (can change into “King Neptune” or “Bertie”)
*Highly interactive character
*Great for food & wine festivals; family fun days; Underwater,
 Pirate or island themes;

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