The Greatest Puppet Show form Europe Now in Australia

Perth, WA, Australia


Recommendations for The Black String Puppet Theatre

"You introduced many to a forgotten artform and audiences were fascinatedby the high level of skill and craftsmanship displayed." - Chris Bennett, City of Perth Events Co-ordinator

"The show was thoroughly enjoyed by the children who learned a great deal about the science of working puppets. Individual teachers will be able to create interesting lessons to follow up the material presented." - Thanks,Loura Tolomei, Berry Springs School NT

"Your performance gave much entertainment to young and old alike, whilst the actual puppets and you're amazing skilks were greatly admired by all who were being entertained." - Jan Hyde, Dalwalinu Agricultural Show WA

"The audience was in awe of the skill, creativity, and the wonderful artistry they witnessed. The puppets were so unbelievably realistic, entertaining and mesmerising the audience. An extremely worthwhile experience and a must-see for all Primary School Students." - Roger Budler, Guildford Grammar School


 The Black String Puppet Theatre presents

Music, Fun and Amazing talent of gifted puppeteers

The company travels with its own specially designed stage, which can be erected in any covered location (see stage size).

Superbly equipped with modern theatre lighting, sound sytem and special effects.


Backstage viewing after every show (schools only). Demonstration on how to assemble a puppet.

The Black String Puppet Theatre is the only real to life European puppet theatre in Australia. The puppets worked by strings from above have been lovingly hand carved, spring to life bringing joy and laughter to delighted audiences wherever they perform.

Owing of the special design of their stage (6.9 meters in length. 3.5 meters in height and 3 meters in width), the theatre can be set up in any covered location. The stage can be easily set up within 1.5 hours.

Their visit to schools not only includes the only puppet show of this kind seen in Australia, but also provides educational value to your students.

The Big Gig" is a detailed 40 minute performance featuring their outstanding real- to- life puppets. Before a show they provide their famous 5 minute puppet workshop, which gives each student a once in a lifetime opportunity. Their master puppeteer will invite the students to observe him assemble and demonstrate a real- to- life marionette. After their performance one of their puppeteers is available to clarify your queries regarding the show. The Black String Puppet Theatre presents music, fun and amazing talent of gifted puppeteers.
About 18 years ago, Michael and Regina Wolf arrived in Western Australia with a dream. The dream was the creation of a form of puppetry, unique to Western Australia, hand carved marionettes. Whilst still in Germany, Michael was involved with a theatre in Dusseldorf and learnt the intricate skills of wood carving puppets from an old master carver of 40 years experience. He has since developed his own individual style.
Because of the special design of our stage (6.9 metres in length. 3.5 metres in height and 3 metres in width), the theatre can be erceted in any covered location.
Our massive stage, which is fully enclosed by black, 3 metre high boards, can be easily setup within 1.5 hours.
It comes with our own professional lighting, sound and special effects, so the only thing we require, is an accessible powerpoint.
Do you have childhood memories of the fantastic world of puppets, in which pieces of wood came alive before your wandering eyes and almost convinced you they were real ?
Do you remember being swept away with their adventures and being delighted by their antics ?
Relive those experiences with one of the world's greatest puppet theatre companies, The Black String Puppet Theatre.
The Black String Puppet Theatre, with it's huge range of marionettes, is the only real-to-life European marionette theatre in Australia. Worked by strings from above, the puppets, which have been lovingly hand carved, spring to life bringing joy and laughter to delighted audiences wherever they perform.
These delightful marionettes will perform;
The Greatest Variety Show - with acts like
  • Marvello the Famous Magician
  • Zulika the Arabian BellyDancer
  • Miss Jessica on the HireWire
  • Fleximan .... and many more
Big Gig
  • Dimitrio on the Flying Trapeze
  • Atlas the WeightLifter
  • Snowy the WonderHorse
  • Mr ClapperBones .... and many more
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
(Only available on special request as this is a very big production.)
This traditional Brothers Grimm Fairytale, with a hand painted backdrop by a professional painter, and handcrafted furniture, has to be seen to be believed.                                                 

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