Meet this delightfully beautiful character by the name of Isabelle. She loves to flutter about performing for a variety of events and festivals all around Australia.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Being a magical fairy you may have seen her use special powers to create all sorts of wonderful surprises to enchant her audience. She even surprises herself at times.

Isabelle has one little problem in her show¿
Her fairy wand made by a cheeky elf, backfires on her continually. This causes all sorts of interesting troubles for her and her audience to solve. To everyone's surprise, Isabelle even makes a 'real' rabbit appear on stage, which the children can pat after the show.

Isabelle is available for roving performances on her own or with 'Monty the Magical Dragon' for events or shopping centers. Her unique humor brings out the child within us. She'll intrigue you with her close-up fairy magic in her own fun fairy way. Apart from her close-up magic, Isabelle creates fantastic, colourful balloon sculptures, ranging from 'teddy bears' and flowers' to 'elephants'¿

With a magic touch and fairy dust in hand, children can make their own special fairy wish. By thinking a happy thought, tossing fairy dust in the air, just 'clap to make your dreams come true.' Isabelle simulates the creative mind and boards the imagination to play. This is particularly reflective in Isabelle's face painting, which is as vivid as a child's imagination. She can produce all sorts of different characters a child could wish for. She uses only the best products, which doesn't itch or crack and is allergenic free guaranteed.

Children love to gather round Isabelle to hear her story telling. She reads of adventures told of fairy tale characters, creating magic, mischief and mayhem that will keep the children fascinated until the very end.

Isabelle can also create her own beautiful fairy stories to suit your occasion. Isabelle will combine her talents to create the perfect entertainer the children will love remembering your event by.


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