Pirate Pete's a striking figure in Pirate Hat brightly adorned with sequins and feathers, broad golden earrings, red leather pirate boots, guitar on his back and a gorgeous live white sulphur crested cockatoo upon his shoulder

Sydney, NSW, Australia

CONCERT STAGESHOW PIRATE GAMES BIRTHDAY PARTIES ROVING MINSTREL ROVING PUBLIC RELATIONS CHARACTER PIRATE PETE CONCERT STAGESHOW A 40 minute stage show for family entertainment. Pirate Pete's Entertainment appeals to under eight year olds and their families.

He performs and conducts easy to follow singalong action songs based around the pirate theme. He brings members of the audience on stage during the show to help out with actions  and gives out prizes. When suitable the Pirate brings his own two metre by four metre backdrop which depicts the stern of his ship and a sound system (if one is not available on site) so he can be heard above the roaring of the sea. Prizes include: Pirate flags on sticks, Pirate headbands, booty bags, eye patches, Pirate Story & Music CDs.

Pirate Petes Stageshow requires a stage area four metres wide by three metres deep (bare ground ok - preferably shaded) and access to power. PIRATE PARTIES WITH PIRATE PETE A real live pirate comes to your birthday party. Complete with real pirate boots, real pirate hat and a real bird on 'is shoulder. All 'is gear is stowed in the treasure chests 'ee brings with 'im. Loads of music, games and prizes!

Two programs to choose from - 1. 40 minute Concert and 2. 60 minute Pirate Games Pirate Games are aimed at the pre-school to eight year old birthday group and commence with easy to follow singalong action songs. Pirate Pete leads from the front, sitting on his treasure chests. Then come the games The first series of games revolve around a ship's sail. The young pirates grab hold of the sail's edge and follow the captains orders. The sail rises and falls with the wind and encounters storms etc. Pirate Pete turns the sail into a treasure cave for crawling through, a hammock for swinging on and an ocean full of dolphins and sharks. The sail games are followed by the "treasure islands" game. The islands are encircled by the Pirate Pete's anchor rope as the young pirates hop on one leg around  it till the music stops. The Treasure Islands Game is similar in concept to musical chairs. Prizes for the winners. Next comes pass the parcel.

There are nine prizes in the parcel with consolation headbands so nobody loses. Prizes include: pirate eye patches, headbands, pirate card games, activity books, booty bags, pirate music and story CD's, gold or silver shell treasure. All children receive a pirate flag on stick and pirate headband. Pirate Pete also has a Pirate Story to tell if there's time.

The Pirate visits for an hour. It seems that most parties run for two hours so we recomends Pirate Pete arrive half an hour after the start of the party, giving all guests time to arrive and leaving time for birthday cake and eating activities after the Pirate.

The birthday person receives a birthday gift. (a booty bag, flag, headband, Pirate Pete story CD, pirate eye patch, pirate card game)

ROVING - PUBLIC RELATIONS CHARACTER - The Pirate engages passersby with piratical banter, a song if requested, pats of the very friendly cockatoo. He hands out his own pirate headbands fer children to wear.          

MINSTREL - Pirate Pete has a repertoire which includes nautical songs, Australian Colonial Folk Songs and tunes designed to interest children. In early days you may have found this unusual pair busking on street corners and shopping malls (noteably the Queen St Mall in Brisbane, Circular Quay in Sydney and the Central Mall in Coffs Harbour - half way) or anywhere there was people passing. Pirate Pete has provided the entertainment at more than 450 private childrens birthday parties.

He has performed at schools, preschools, kindergartens, community festivals and Agricultural Shows throughout eastern Australia and overseas. Pirate Pete is based in Sydney and is available for bookings in Queensland, NSW, A.C.T., Victoria, Tasmania and

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