Ticklish Allsorts, is a high energy, musical show which totally involves its young audience who join in with actions, movements and songs. 'Great show, appealed to littlies as well as 13 year olds

Adelaide, SA, Australia
Comprising three energetic performers who sing, dance and interact with the children Ticklish Allsorts has been acclaimed for the quality of its music, strong visuals, colourful fantasy characters and great rapport between the performers and the young audience members.

Many different musical styles are featured in the performance including jazz/swing, rock "n roll. Latin, rap, country, Celtic and blues. The younger children relate immediately to characters like Alistair the Scottish teddy bear and Radish the Pantomime Horse, while older children can't resist joining in the 'woof woof' chorus of the 'Dog's life Rap' or the Ricky Martin moves of 'Mr Smarty Pants'. The rock'n roll based -"Ali-Gator Rock' is a favourite among the Mum's in the audience, while no one can resist the frenetic energy of 'Better Get A Wriggle On' which depicts the morning rush hour in most family households.

Some quotes about the show and music:

'Highly entertaining, energetic and well-produced show ' DB Magazine

"Treats the children like intelligent listeners ... a superb album"" lollipops Magazine

'Great show, appealed to littlies as well as 13 year olds ... very talented performers'-' Hampstead Primary School

'It is amazing that the show, which did not have a single word in Russian was understandable from beginning to end ... with superb professionalism of the actors" Vecherny Rostoy (Russia)

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