Santa is the symbol of Christmas and a happy time of year for all children and quite a few adults as well! So why not make your event extra special by having the Man in Red himself make an appearance.

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Santa is the symbol of Christmas and a happy time of year for all children and quite a few adults as well!
Our Santa has appeared on Good Morning Australia with Bert Newton, featured in many photo shoots, sung and danced with Livinia Nixon, Denise Drysdale, Lord Mayor John So, Dylan Lewis and has been saved from danger by Batman.
He has also arrived at many events in style, Helicopter, Fire engine, Speed Boat, Horse and Carriage, not to mention the Batmobile.
Our Santa appearances are a great addition to any Christmas festivity. His hour long visits see Santa arriving at your event to much delight from all. He will laugh and greet all those that are eager to tell them of their Christmas wish lists. He will talk of his wondrous journey from the North Pole, his busy lead up to Christmas Eve, chat all about his beautiful reindeers and give thanks to all those who have sent him letters!
Santa is also an incredibly fantastic addition to a Benny Boy Comedic Illusionist Show (see under "magic"), With Benny and his gorgeous assistants doing the impossible magic and Illusions, with a very surprising and amazing appearance of Santa! It will make your Christmas event stand out way ahead of the others - ensuring everyone talks about it for months to come.
Our Santa is also available for fanatstic fun filled mini shows-
One lucky child will be selected from the audience to help Santa perform some impossible magic as Santa makes some lollies appear from thin air! A small pre-Christmas treat for everyone to share and enjoy.
Santa also talks of how in his home they have built a magic room that fills with bubbles, as he can’t take all the children to the North Pole he recreates the room by blowing bubbles and getting all the children to catch them and make their special Christmas wishes.
Throughout Santa will play some of his favorite Christmas songs and get the audience to join in the caroling! And the best thing is, our Santa is great for young and old, as he weaves his tales through some very funny and cheeky moments!
At the end Santa would be delighted to hand out presents supplied by the client or just have a friendly chat with the children as they take turns to sit on The Man in Red’s knee.


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