A Unique and innovative Hula Hoop performance. Combining dexterity and grace and involving UV lighting and funky music!

Boronia, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Adelina Pinelli’s primary Hula Hoop Act is one of a kind. This Piece combines acrobatics, dexterity, co-ordination and balance. Adelina’s piece is a collaboration of Hula Hoops, and also contemporary movement. It combines visual inspiration with the entire act under different stages of a UV lighting effect.

Using a quirky mix of music and subtle lighting effects, this act transforms the stage into that of another world. With a slight futuristic feel Adelina’s ‘Luminosity’ is a fun and dynamic act. It portrays a high level of skill and is fast moving and action packed. It explores the relationship between the manipulator and the object. ‘Luminosity’ heightens the audience’s view of everything that is going on onstage, as the movements of the body and the UV light accentuates the hoops.

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