Judith Lanigan is a circus hulahoop artist, author, public speaker and MC

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Judith Lanigan is a circus hulahoop artist, author, public speaker and MC. She is a comic, highly skilled, versatile and confident perfomer who studied hulahoops at the Moscow State Circus School, is recognised by AUSTRADE as an Australian Export product for her international touring and performs in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese.

Judith Lanigan has two shows for Festival, Cabaret, Street Theatre, Variete and Corporate entertainment. SWAN!and THE PARTY.

SWAN!- Judith Lanigan’s signature act is based on the ballet solo The Dying Swan choreographed for Anna Pavlova by Fokine.  SWAN!is not so much about a swan dying - but a swan battling for life against all odds. 

“A brilliant, essentially comic routine that dissolves into a blur of hoops and flying feathers.”The Age A2

Un Arte difficile, che rende onore ai poetti della strada.(A difficult art that gives honour to the poets of the street)  La Corriere Mercantile, Italy 2003

‘an excellent adaptation of a classical theme with a highly intelligent wink from Down Under’.Tete A Tete festival Director. 2004

THE PARTY is a collection ofLanigan’s favourite hula hoop stunts- from comic to dangerous- presented in a  party atmosphere as an escalating series of highly skilled and absurd party tricks. THE PARTYtakes the highest level of hula hoop skills, like the 7 hoop separation and pushes them to be as entertaining, original and unforgettable as possible.  

CIRCUS/STAGE ACT - SWAN  7-10 minutes, THE PARTY is a series of short (3-5 minute) acts- total 45 minutes. as a

STREET THEATRE SWAN duration 30-45 minutes THE PARTY 45-55 minutes

As a PUBLIC SPEAKERand MCJudith Lanigan uses her repertoire of circus and clown skills to create hilarious and informative entertainment.

Judith Lanigan’s award winning novel,“A True History of The Hula Hoop’documenting her adventures with The Dying Swan and her research into the history of the hula hoop and its origins in Australia, was published by Picador in 2009. Her current project - ‘The Truth About Clowns’- a literary journey into the world of Clown, is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria.

Performance Credits – Judith Lanigan and the Dying Swan

France,Chalon Dans La Rue, Les Virevoltes 97 00, Bonheur Des Momes,  Pontarlier, Aurillac Festival, Soiteville les Rouen, UK,Medium Rare Cabarets. Newcastle Street Festival UK, Burleski@No  5 Streets of Brighton, Glastonbury Festival 04, 03, Best of the Brighton Comedy Festival. Covent Garden Street Artists Festival, Cardiff Harbour Festival, Winchester Hat Fair, Edinburgh Festival (Go GO Burlesco) Eurostar 10th Anniversary celebrations. Germany.. Gorlitz, Klienes Fest Hannover, Ludwigsluft and Bad Pyrmont. Tete A Tete Festival Duchstein festivals in Kiel, Hamburg and Lubeck. Ludwigshafen Straat festival and Friedrichshafen festival, Berlin Gauklerfestival, Koblenz Komedie Festival 2nd prize Moers Komedie artsSwedenStockholm Water Festival, 97,98, Finland…Helsinki arts Festival,  Spain,..Trapezi Circus festivals Vila Nova, Vila Seca, Reus, Las Pallasses festival Andorra Vila Real, Leioa, Viladecans, Tarrega, Leioa, La Marato, Vittoria, El Ejido, Almansa,  Italy,,Premio Andersen 03, 04  Artisti In Piazza, La Noche Della Streghe and Fratelli di Taglia, SwitzerlandLenzerheide Viva La Strada 97, 98, 99, 00, La Plage Des Six Pompes, 03, 00,  EXPO 02,    New ZealandChristchurch world Buskers Festival. 98, 99, 04 Nelson Street theatre festival, Taranaki, Taupo,japan.Noge Daidogei AustriaCaravan Impuls,  Linz Pflasterspektakel 03, 01, 97,98,99,Villach, Feldkirch Gauklerfestival, NetherlandsOerol Festival 04, 03, 00, 99, 98, 97, SAIL 2000 Rotterdamm Straatfestival 04,98  Lowlands, Viva la Strada, Vlissingen, AustraliaWorld Diabetes day Sydney 2009 Byron Bay Writers Festival, Perth Festival 2010, The Burlesque Symposium, ACMI/LaTrobe 2010, The Festival of Melbourne for the 2006 Commonwealth Games ..Ten Days On The Island  Opening gala event, the Great Moscow Circus – Guest Artist (05), Australian Tour Go GO Burlesco, Sydney Comedy Festival (05)  Harbour International buskers Festival, Adelaide International Buskers Festival, Tasmanian Circus Festival, Fremantle 07, 01, 97,96, 94, 93, Street Arts Festival, The Taste of Tassie 06, 00, Applause festival, Best of the Adelaide Fringe at the Universal Playground, Woodford Folk Festival 06,04, 01,99,98, 97,  Floriade,  The Adelaide Fringe festival, Information Technologies Congress, Mildura Arts Festival The Goodwill Games, The Peoples Fest of the Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, The Australian Cinematographers 2001 Awards, The Global Carnival, Southbank Corporation Sorrento Festival, Greensborough, Southgate Tourist precinct, The Global Carnival NSW Port Fairy Folk Festival


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