PLUM LOCO is a 4 person Clown Band. Instrumentation includes guitar, whistles and kazoo born; washboard, splash cymbal, wood- block; bass drum; side drum and Cowbells.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Songs are lighthearted and upbeat from early 1900's to 50's Rock and Roll. Guitar and voice are amplified through a 12 volt sound system that is built into the Clown's costume so the act can rove anywhere and has a good carry for Street work and the capability of attracting a lot of attention with a combination of strong visuals, audio and high energy. All the performers are multi-skilled so there are two options for a 3 hour call -

o       3 x half hour sets of music

o       3 x half hour sets

1. Music  

2. Four clowns on stilts 

3. Four clowns Balloon Modelling)

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