The hilarious improvised Police show hit of the Melbourne Comedy Festival is now a corporate show starring Australia's top comedians.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Cop On Heat combines the stories, characters and architypes of the famous Police and Detective shows and lets the audience insert their suggestions for a great plot, charismatic criminal and baffling crime. Working with comic improvisation games and hilarious characters, the three comedians create an interactive show full of fun and surprises.

These comic chameleons ask for audience suggestions and then immediately incorporate them on-the-run in their comedy sketches and scenes. Relying on their quick wit and bold instincts, our comedy daredevils invent comedy out of thin air.  It's like Who's Line Is It Anyway? meets Police Academy, Columbo and Thank God You're Here all in one fast, furious and very funny show.

Event Organisers and Newspaper reviewers have called COPS ON HEAT...

“the fastest and funniest hour you’re ever likely to find” - dB Magazine

“Brilliant” -West Australian

"Unbelievable talented...amazing how they are able to think up something this funny on the spot" - Apple Computers

“Pissingly funny” -The Chaser

“Improvisational comedy at its best” -BEAT

“Always hilarious and completely anarchic” - Drum Media

The act is performed as a 45 - 55 minute show.

Costs are negotiable depending on length of show chosen, size of cast and travel requirements. (Minimum $2500.00)

The rotating cast of Cops On Heat includes:

Rebecca De Unamuno, won the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival Player of The Tournament when her Aussie team beat USA, Canada and England to win gold at the World Improv Championships. Rebecca is a Theatresports® Cranston Cup Champion and a popular comic who appeares regularly on ABC 702's Thank God It's Friday comedy hour, Triple J, Triple M and Productions by The Chaser group. Her own solo shows including Kiss My Date and Open To Suggestions have been big successes at Comedy Festivals around the world.

Murray Fahey is a film maker and Theatresports champion. This jack of all trades was writer/producer of the Movie/TV show DAGS, 2DayFM personality, and seven time Cranston Cup Improv Champion. An Edinburgh and Melbourne Comedy Festival veteran, Murray is one of the country's finest performers and revered in the improvised comedy world.

David Callan is one of Sydney's best know stand-up comedians. He has been a regular on shows like Backberner, Good News Week, Going Home, and many radio programs. When he puts on his Detective Sergeant's persona, he's almost too believable and were it not for all the laughs, you'd swear he was real cop. He is a champion comic improviser and a sought after MC.

John Knowles is the Artistic Director of Impro Australia, the company who own the Trade Mark for Theatresports in Australia. Creator and a star of shows including IMPROZAC, Impro-Bzerko and Adelaide Fringe veterans GODS COWBOYS. He has done various TV guest comic spots including sitting in a bath tub with a nude Kate Fischer and playing a simpleton in an infamous hoax on Mark Geyer for the Footy Show. John was awarded a Moosehead Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival for his solo show John Knowles Is Saddle Sore.

Ross Daniels, a veteran stand-up comic and brilliant improviser whose credits include over a decade as one of Australia's most in demand live comedians, countless television appearances [from Blue Heelers to The Comedy Channel] and a multitude of radio and TV writing credentials including The Wedge.

Technical requirements - these are the responsibility of the event organiser/hirer.:

Cops On Heat need a clear raised stage with at least enough space for five (5) people to spread out comforably.

One radio hand held microphone on a boom stand is required. Radio headset microphones for each performer are needed for audiences of over 60 people or if the room is excessively large or noisy.

Lighting: A brightly lit stage wash is needed. that reaches all areas of the stage

Additional Categories:

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