David Splatt brings Vaudevillian Comedy out of obscurity and into the modern times...

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

David Splatt is quickly gaining a reputation for his unique style of Vaudeville performance and Absurd stage antics. Earlier this year, he was a Grand Finalist on one of those Reality-Television-Talent-Series that can't be mentioned here due to possible copyright infringements. Since then he's been performing all over Ol' Melbourne Town and various parts of Australia, proving to the world that Vaudeville isn't dead, it has just been on a rather extended holiday.

Since receiving his Theatre Diploma in 2003, David Splatt has worked in the professional realms of theatre as everything from Actor, Puppeteer, Clown, Circus Artist, Make-Up Artist, Street Performer, Writer, Director and Comic. He has worked with many fringe theatre groups including Snuff Puppets, Australia's longest running puppet company. In 2007, David performed in Melbourne and the Albury Regional Gallery, playing 3 characters in a 45 minute Commedia Dell'Arte piece (a form of masked-improvised-slapstick-comedy). Then in 2008 David produced his first feature length puppet show called 'Attack of the Curse of the Undead Zombets', (A Romeo and Juliet styled zombie-love story) which sold out every show of  its season. He has also performed at festivals such as 'Rainbow Serpent' and the 'Cairns Street Buskers Festival' and has accompanied numerous australian based musicians with his musical saw and has performed comedy and music in many well regarded Melbourne venues, including 'Dante's' and 'The Comics Lounge'.

David Splatt can tailor his act to suit whatever needs one might have and has numerous acts running from 5 minutes to half an hour long. He incorporates vaudeville styled stand-up/physical comedy, improvisation, audience participation and world class musical saw playing into his truly original acts. David can play a vast spectrum of various styles of popular music on his saw (whose name is 'Gretel'), from well known classics like Nina Simones 'I put a spell on you'  to more contemporary numbers such as Britney Spears 'Baby one more time'. Mr Splatts shows may contain a rather unhealthy dose of bizarre black humour, but are known to not only leave audiences captivated but also grinning from ear to ear.

David Splatt puts the 'Devil' back into 'Vaudeville' and a smile upon your face.


'I fair-dinkum love you, I really do. I think you're fantastic' - Red Symons

'Absolutely captivating' - Dannii Minogue

'Can you send me a pair of your dirty socks?' - A slightly crazed fan

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