Explosive Minds! is a lethal combination of interactive improvised comedy,entertainment and training - but with a difference!

Sydney, NSW, Australia
They create one of Australia's most unique
corporate entertainment and learning experiences.

With over 20 years combined experience in professional improvisation, comedy and training. Explosive Minds! have sure-fire ways of entertaining your team.

Explosive Minds! are high energy, high impact and achieve high results.

Explosive Minds! 45min impro comedy show
has proven a success time and time again through out Australia and Europe.

* Interactive

* Improvised

* Comedy

From the moment they hit stage they had delegates in rapture and laughter.

Greg Glemming, Macquarie Financial Services

Congratulations on a fantastic show that will be long remembered in the folk law of Arthur Ellis

Paul Butterworth  BDM Arthur Ellis

Yes, Explosive Minds! are outstanding comic performers - but they can be more than just great entertainment that will have your audience laughing on the floor.

Explosive Minds! Have two dynamic training products !

1. The Impro Games

The Impro games consists of Explosive Minds! running fun filled,
active workshops looking at the skills of improvised comedy.

Explosive Minds! have a unique comic style
which reinforces the learning outcomes of:

1. Intent listening ability
2. Powerful and effective presentation/communication skills
3. Bottom-line benefits of teamwork and trust
4. Value in accepting each other's ideas

After the workshops the delegates reconvene and perform the impro comedy skill they have learnt alongside Explosive Minds! in the Impro games
grand finale, a friendly competition establishing all involved as winners in their own right.

 "Excellent - the best team building session I have attended.
Skills gain, fun and I found myself thinking
about this session for a long time".
Parke Davis - workshop participant.

2. Don’t be prepared

Don't be prepared is a fully interactive workshop
with Explosive Minds! providing conference presenters with a smorgasbord menu of
fun tools that will help them liven and "fun-up" their conference sessions.

"Thank you
...you certianly gave the group energy,
but more importantly you provided them with tangible ideas and new techniques..."

Margaret Brewer
Eli Lilly

Improvisation by its nature needs highly developed listening skills,
communication and teamwork. Explosive Minds! has an underlying message
that one person on their own will never achieve as highly as a team of committed individuals who listen, work together and accept each other's ideas.

The Team

Explosive Minds! was voted
By Global Speakers & Entertainers.

The Explosive Minds! team is made up of some
of the best creative talent in Australia!

They consist of performers who have among them have worked in radio,
film and television across Australia and for companies all around the globe.

They are one of the hottest improvisation teams in the world and their members recently won the World Improv Comedy Championships in Canada. In fact, following on from their success they have just signed a contract with Foxtel.
Yes, for sixty-nine dollars ninety-five they get thirty channels a month.

The Comic: Grant Davies is a stand-up comic, singer, dancer, magician, improviser - in fact there is not much that Grant can't do. Grant was recently awarded the honour of hosting an audience of 1500 people for the biggest night in improvised comedy, the Theatresports Cranston Cup at the Enmore Theatre. He works extensively as a stand-up comedian and corprate M.C Grant has written comedy for the Doug Mulray show and is currently the creator of a new comedy TV pilot.

The Educator

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